Part 15
Opeyemi Akintunde

” Sir, King Sir… We will go with you, but can I have a moment with my children.” I begged as the guards were about to reach the kids and I.

” Go ahead!” The King replied

I pulled my kids to the corner and I squatted to speak with them..

” Let’s go with them, all things work together for good for them that love the Lord. We will escape the Kidnappers with their help. Remember, Joseph was about to be killed by his brothers, but one of them advised that they throw him in a pit. The pit is not a comfortable place, but it saved Joseph from death…These men taking us away from here is like being thrown into a pit, but it is better than being captured and killed by those men with the gun. ” I said in a low tone to Amaka and Nonso.

They nodded in Obedience. They understood the plan.

The big picture of my plan was to escape the premises and once we were out, I would speak out in the vehicle about our true identity. When they drop us, we would leave the town. Thankfully, my purse was with me and everything I needed; my Debit cards and ID card were intact. Later, I would contact the apartment to send in our boxes through a logistics company.

We were guided by the guards into a black SUV with dark tinted windows. As we got into the car and a guard sat in the front with the driver, I saw one of the kidnappers walk past the car to the reception. Thankfully, he did not see us…

” God, let this car move.” I prayed within me. I held on to my children’s hands. They were visibly shaking…

” Princess, You don’t have to be afraid, you are going into wealth. The King is a good man, Just call the Crown prince to meet us at the palace and you will live a good life.” The Guard said when he noticed the fear in us.

The convoy of the King was Four identical SUVs, Some guards drove in the first one, While we were in the second one. The King was in the third one and another set of guards in the Last SUV.

We drove out of the estate unhindered. I wanted them to drive a bit far away from the apartment before speaking, at least a thirty minutes drive would be fine.

I rested my head on the window. I was sad, pained but I didn’t have the strength to cry.

“God, please let my life reflect your love for me. Your Word says you Love me, Let me experience your Love”


” We are here Princess” I heard a voice from the distance…

I opened my eyes and I realized I must have slept off.

” Where are we?” I asked as I looked at the Beautiful greenery sight that met my eyes.

” This is the Palace my Princess”

The beauty of the place where we were drew me in. I got down from the SUV. The place was beautiful. My Children were still fast asleep. I woke them up in a rush. I wanted them to see a beautiful place; they had seen so much pain and impossibilities for so long. I wanted to preach possibilities for them. I wanted them to know that someday, they would live in a beautiful house too ..

” WOW! this place is beautiful…” Nonso said

” Yes it is” I said

” Everywhere is so green” Amaka noticed. ” Looks like something from a storybook”

I laughed…

” Please Let’s go in my princess”. The guard said

Nonso and Amaka started running around the field. They chased each other and I couldn’t resist the urge to join them. I chased them. The cry to be free and not look behind my shoulder in fear was loud in my heart…I ran around in tears of Joy…

The guards stood watching us in smiles…

We must have excited ourselves for close to fifteen minutes before it flashed through my mind that I had to return to my reality.

I left the kids where they were playing and walked to the Guard.

” Please, we need to leave.”

” I don’t have the power to open the gates for you, only the King or the Crown Prince can do that!”

” Can I Speak to the King!” I asked

” Not today, besides a princess can not appear before the King if not sent for . The only way you can appear before him if you have not been sent for, is if your husband, the Crown Prince accompanies you. I will advice my Princess, if you would like to leave here on time, Call the Crown Prince to come to the Palace” He said in all Sincerity

” I don’t have his number, I am not his wife. You have the wrong person, I am just a guest at the apartment he works at…” I said

” Princess, Let me give you an advice, don’t say such words before the King. Don’t get him upset by saying that you are not the Crown Prince’s wife. The anger of the King is not something you want to witness. If he makes a decree to punish you in the moment of his anger, it is irreversible. All you need to do is get the Crown prince here…” The guard said , after which he bowed. The bowing meant, he was done advising me.

” God, what kind of Captivity is this?” I muttered under my breath…

Part 16
Opeyemi Akintunde

“Please come in with the young prince and young princess. The maidservant will show you your room. My name is Callisto, You can come me Cal. I am the head of your Palace staff. You have four personal maidservants, and four guards. The young prince and the young princess will each have two servants who will care for them. In case you are not comfortable with any of the servants, please feel free to call my attention to it,” The guard was saying as he ushered my children and I into the palace.

The larger-than-life Living Room that met my eyes was magnificently beautiful. Everything in the Living Room was gold plated. The chair was gold, the table was gold, the tiling was gold.

“Where on earth is this? Am I still on earth or you have brought me to heaven. Please tell me I died and you brought me to heaven,” I exclaimed.

“You are not in heaven, my princess. This is the Royal Home of Eze Amadi,” the chief guard said proudly.

“Of course I know I am not in heaven, but this looks very close to it.” I looked around the house.

“That is my prince’s picture,” The guard said pointing at a portrait of a young boy. At first glance, I thought I was staring at Nonso.

“Nonso, it looks like you,” Amaka exclaimed.

“Yes,” Nonso confirmed.

“That was your father, the prince when he was your age, young prince.”

My son looked at me very confused, but thank God for years of training them on understanding my facial expressions. I pressed my lips together firmly which meant, He should keep his mouth shut. He got the gist and he whispered something in Amaka’s ear. She also nodded in understanding.

We did a little tour around the palace. The guard was proudly showing off the palace. I believe in his mind he was trying to tell me, staying there with the Crown Prince was worth it.

At the thought of the Crown Prince, I knew it was time to stop the sightseeing and call the receptionist for the way forward. Based on the story I heard from the king, I was able to put two and two together to arrive at four.

Chima, who we referred to as Mr Andrew was the Crown Prince whose mother, the queen, was dead. On the wish of the queen, her favourite maidservant took the prince away so that he won’t be killed by his step-mother who was the servant’s younger sister. The King had come to pick up the prince and because of the striking resemblance between my late husband, Chike, and the prince, they thought Nonso was his son. Hence, as a way of forcing him back home, they took his family. Unfortunately for me, I was not his family they were looking for.

“Can we retire to our room. Also I will need some privacy.”

“Sure, the young prince’s room is close to the prince’s room, can we stop there first?”

“No, my kids are staying with me.”

“If you insist my queen… I mean my princess.”

“I insist.”

The moment the door of my supposed room was flung open, I almost passed out.

What I saw was beyond me; clothes, shoes, a bed fit for presidents of nations, beautiful curtains, a lifesize gold plated mirror. My children were dumbfounded as well.

Tears flowed down my face. I didn’t know what emotion I was feeling but clearly I was overwhelmed.

“Who owns the clothes?” I managed to ask.

“Your mother in-law, the late queen.”

My heart was really swollen. I needed to call Mr Andrew to come claim his crown so my children and I can leave. I didn’t want us getting comfortable in the lie we were presently living.

“Ok, can we be left alone now?” I said.

The chief guard nodded and excused me. He also told the others to excuse us.

“Mum, are we not telling lies?” Amaka asked in fear.

“They are not listening to our truth,” I replied.

“So what do we do?”

“Let me call the woman at the reception.”

“Hello,” I said.

“Hello, I have been expecting your call.”

Instead of the receptionist’s voice, it was Mr Andrew speaking.

“Oh! It’s you; you are just the perfect person I want to speak with,” I said.

“I am with you,” he replied calmly.

“Like you know…”

“Hold on… The walls in the palace have ears, let’s chat,” he said stopping me from talking.

“Ok. I don’t have your phone number.”

“I will send it to you as a text.”

As we chatted about the issue on ground, I was the one doing most of the talking. But unfortunately when I was through with the speech about how I wanted to be allowed to leave with my children, he said to me.

“That won’t be possible for now,” he said.


“The men who were after your life has my mama.”

What he said did not make sense, I didn’t understand.

“When the kidnappers came looking for you, they asked to see the CCTV footages at gunpoint. They realized you and your children entered Mama’s office before my father came to pick you. They concluded Mama was the one who called for you to be rescued. As a result, they took Mama.”

“What?” I dropped the phone in my hand. The phone beeped to indicate another message had dropped. With shaky hands and a pounding heart, I picked up the phone in high anticipation of what next he was going to type.

“I have been told to bring you and the children if I want to rescue Mama,” He typed and went offline.

“My God!”


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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