Part 11
Opeyemi Akintunde

” I want to pee” Amaka said crying. At first it was more like a whisper. I patted her on the back, as a way of telling her to keep it in. I knew the pee was as a result of fear. Since Amaka’s childhood , she was the child who peed on her herself when you shouted on her.

” I want to pee” She increased her voice.

” Shut up, pee on your body” the man to my right roared.

” I can’t pee on my body, Mummy will b€at me” Amaka cried…

For the first time, I gave her express permission to pee on herself…

” Pee on yourself Amaka”

“Wetin be this?” The driver said

” Wetin?” The man to my right said…

” Traffic!” The man seated in the front seat replied

” Traffic by this time on the bridge?” He replied

“There must be something wrong” The man to my left said..

He stretched out his neck…

” Na Fuel tanker fall ” He said (A Tanker conveying fuel has fallen to the ground)

” Arrhggg…What kind of bad market is this? We can’t even reverse. We are stuck on the bridge, we can’t turn left or right, nor can we reverse” The driver said angrily

“Police dey come ooo” the man seated by the driver said

” If you do anything funny, we will kill you all and escape” the man to my left threatened

The Policeman walk past our car…

” Police, Police!” Amaka called out ..

I wanted to die…

” Amaka, keep quiet ” I said ” Please forgive her, please”

The man with the gun pressed the gun to my side…I swallowed hard.

The Police came back to the car…

” Yes, Police’s Friend. How are you?” He said looking into the car. He obviously had suspected Amaka was the one who called by her voice…

I pinched Amaka not to say anything…

” Nothing, she just was greeting you” I replied

” This you car is carrying Overload, too many people at the same time.” He said

” We are fine” I replied

“Police, I want to pee” Amaka said

” Oh! Then Mummy , please bring our darling down” The Police officer said

” There is nowhere she can pee here, she is a girl” the man in the front seat said laughing.. ” She is a Princess, and should not expose her buttocks!

” I will cover her” I said all of a sudden.

” Ok, Let them get down, since it is just the daughter and mother that are getting down” the driver said to the man to my right.

I immediately got the message. They were indirectly telling me that should I run away, they still had my son…

” I want to pee too…” Nonso thankfully said. I couldn’t have asked for a smarter son.

” No, you can not pee” the man barked…

That caught the attention of the policeman…

” What is happening in this car? Everybody get down…”

Part 12
Opeyemi Akintunde

” There is no need for us to get down Police” the man in front said..

” Please Come closer Oga police, this is a family matter, this promiscuous Sister-in-law of ours ran away with our brother’s children. We just found her and we are taking her to the family house…”

I was dumbstruck but I needed to quickly speak and defend myself…

” It’s a …” As I was about to defend myself, I felt the gun pressed against me.

Another thought flashed through my mind. I decided to seize the moment.

” Police, please I agree it is true I ran away from their brother, please take me to the station and let their brother come to face me there.” I said

The kidnappers did not see that coming.. There was a moment of silence before the man seated in front countered me…

“So you can bribe them like you have been doing?”

Unknowing to him, he had shot himself in the leg…

” What do you mean by that statement? Oh! So you are saying to my face that the Nigerian Police is corrupt.” The policeman said..

The kidnappers knew they had to let go of us…

” Police officer, that’s not it. Steve, Let the woman and her children go pee” The man said discharging us..

My Children and I definitely had our hearts in our mouths. We got down from the vehicle safely.

I held my children; one to my left , the other to my right and together we followed the officer…

” There should be a public toilet in that mini market.” The Police officer said pointing ahead. ” Come with me”

“Thank you sir” I said

I looked over my shoulder and saw the man with the gun getting down and he started following us closely. He had put on his jacket , so the gun was definitely in the jacket…. He gave a knowing look which was very expressive. He was obviously telling me to behave myself.

We got to the public toilet. The Policeman offered to take Nonso to the Male toilet, while Amaka and I used the female toilet…

” Mum, are we going to die like Daddy too?” Amaka said Crying…

” No, we will not die but live to declare the works of God in the Land of the Living in Jesus name. Let’s trust God to bring us out of this…” I said to Amaka. That was a speech from a mother to a child. The real me was afraid.

” We are out and waiting for you” I heard the officer say.

We also got out and met the man still waiting. He looked highly irritated.

” Nonso seems to know the way to the family house. I will use the Police vehicle over there to take them to your family house. You and your brothers can meet us when there is no more traffic.”

I looked at Nonso. He has his head bent. I knew that look. Whenever, he bent his head, he must have done something mischievous.

” Yes Sir, we know the place” I quickly followed the lead.

You could read anger and indecision in the kidnapper. He looked ahead to where the Police Vehicle was, there were about 8 armed officers there. I believe he thought about the casualty that would end any stupid move from him. He must have reasoned that if he brought out his gun, he was going to be at the mercy of 9 armed police officers who were licensed to shoot at an armed civilian threatening another civilian.

” Sure!” He said and turned.

I watched carefully till I could no longer see him. I saw him entering the car.

” Get a cab and go back to wherever you came from. Nonso told me everything. I won’t advise you go for that Rememberance either. I was sitting in the Police vehicle earlier when I had the feeling to check the cars in the traffic. That must be God watching out for you, so help yourself and the children by disappearing” The Police officer said.

” Thanks sir”

” I will do my best to stop them from here” He said

” Hey!” He beckoned on one of the officers and about five of them ran towards him.

” That vehicle over there, bring me the men in it. One of you should seize the car key. ” He said to three of the officers

” And you, get a cab for this woman and her children” He said to another officer

While we waited for the Cab, the three men ran back…

” No one is in the car. Other car drivers said, when the one who left with you came back, they all got down and fled.”

” My God!” I exclaimed… “This is far from over”

I broke down in heart-wrenching tears…


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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