One of the reasons you are fa!ling is because you compare yourself and your results with others’, stop it – Femi Adebile

In a recent Facebook post, the president of PREM Films, Evang. Femi Adebile shared a powerful message about self-comparison and finding success in one’s own journey. Adebile highlighted the negative impact of constantly comparing oneself to others and urged his followers to focus on their own progress and celebrate their small wins.

The post, which has attracted more than 1,300 reactions and many comments on social media, resonates with many users who struggle with self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy. Femi Adebile’s words serve as a reminder to shift focus from external measures of success to personal growth and accomplishments.

As the message continues to gain more shares and engagement online, it serves as a source of inspiration and encouragement for individuals facing challenges and setbacks in their own pursuits and also reminds his followers to stay tenacious, embrace their unique path, and acknowledge the value of their own achievements.

In his words;

“The reason why you think you are failing or not doing well enough while others are succeeding is because you compare yourself and your result with others.

STOP IT! IT WILL KILL YOUR ENERGY, Close your eyes to their space/result, Focus on your own and be tenacious about it!, Your metrics of determining success is wrong!

You are also doing so well… Ehn…You are doing well. Celebrate your small wins. Love you 😍