“Once a man keeps describing himself as an “alpha male ” sister just run” – Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo tells women

Nigerian pastor and relationship coach Kingsley Okonkwo has advised ladies via his page on the microblogging platform X, to stay away from men who claim to be alpha males.

According to the coach, men who claim to be alpha males are usually toxic, narcissist, and insecure to top it all up.

He also added that a real alpha male doesn’t need to brag about it nor do they seek to dominate women instead they are gentlemen.

Furthermore, women should feel safe and protected when around them not scared, oppressed, or gaslighted.

His tweet read.

“Once a man keeps describing himself as an “alpha male” sister just run That’s one of the biggest signs of toxicity, narcissism, and insecurity all mixed up in one Real alpha males don’t brag, they don’t seek to dominate women instead they have learnt control and courtesy, they are perfect gentlemen They have learnt that their strength is not to bully but to build, women feel safe and protected around them not scared, oppressed and gaslighted.”

Internet users however agreed with the coach has they all trooped to his comment section to support the points he has made.

Below are some of the comments,

@luvlybee_live: Yes, Sir! Of late, I’ve been reading about narcissism. It’s so subtle, one can miss it and conclude that it’s the normal male Ego. God help us!

@abundy_xo: Listennnnn Alpha male?, lmaoooo a man bathed in pride, ego and disgusting inferiority complex

@adebanjo_moyosore: The worst part is that many of them don’t know what ALPHA Male is they heard it in a TV show and they started making noise