They are covered with the blood of Jesus – Omolara Ayoola prays for students in Nigeria as schools resume today.

The popular gospel film actor, Omolara Ayoola has said a powerful prayer for students as primary and Secondary schools in Nigeria resume academic session today, 9th of January, 2023.

The gospel actress via her social media page heaped prayers of divine protection, academic excellence, Obedience and provision on all the kids as they return back to school after the long break.

She wrote, *Prayer for our Children* I decree that as our children resume today, they are covered with the blood of Jesus.

They are kept safe and preserved by the mighty hand of the Lord. They manifest great knowledge, wisdom and understanding in their studies.

Any child who is sick, not doing well academically or wayward or stubborn, we decree the hand of the Lord rest upon them for better living.

The covenant of God is established over our children and they make God and us proud in Jesus name. They shall come out in flying colors in Jesus name.

The Lord will provide for each one of us to give them a great life. We shall not lack any good thing in Jesus name.

Every waiting mums shall have angelic assisted miraculous conception this year in Jesus name in Jesus precious name. Amen