‘When I got to where Oluoje backslid while reading Abejoye 7 script, I broke down in tears’ – Isaac Femi-Akintunde

Veteran gospel filmmaker Evang. Isaac Femi-Akintunde has shared how he was unable to control his emotions while reading the popular gospel series, Abejoye Season 7 Script, in transit.

Abejoye is one of the most widely watched Nigerian gospel drama series, written by Evang. Mike Bamiloye. The story centers on a man called Abejoye; one of the kingmakers in Ajibogun who encountered Christ after his visit to his son abroad. Abejoye’s love for God grew with each passing day, winning to the side of Christ with wisdom for those who needed to be saved.

When Isaac Femi-Akintunde observed a plot twist, he could not help but perceive himself as a backslider because his character, whom many viewers believed would remain steadfast to the end, turned back to join the kingmakers and betrayed his mentor, Olayiotan Abejoye who led him to Christ.

He added that he prayed for God’s mercy when he got to his hotel room, where he was lodged, in preparation for a movie shoot. READ HIS FULL POST BELOW

“I was in transit when I received a WhatsApp message from my father and mentor, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye. I quickly checked the message because I have been expecting a particular message from Him. Lo and behold, it was the exact message I was expecting. It was ABEJOYE Season 7.

“Wow, at last” I thought with excitement. I adjusted my seat in the car and started reading. As I began to see the picture of what I was reading, I was so engrossed in it that it felt like an outer-body experience where I was only bodily present in the car. It was getting beautiful with every passing line.

All of a sudden, I got to the part where OLUOJE joined the kingmakers and betrayed OLAYIOTAN ABEJOYE and other Brethren.

Unconsciously, I shouted in the car – “WHAT!!”

At this point, all attention was on me. The reactions of both the driver and the other passengers were questioning my unprecedented action. At this point, I tried to compose myself and I found myself fighting back tears. My countenance had completely changed as I had become so restless in the car. I had to make use of my face towel to cover my face and weep all I could inside it. Oh, I wept!

I saw what I was reading beyond the script. I began to recall what had been happening to OLUOJE since the beginning of the movie. He was the root cause of what happened to the likes of Iya Akesan, Balogun Awonbiwonninu and others. All these people died but OLUOJE escaped death as he was the only survivor amidst them all. Besides, he had given his life to Jesus and had done a lot of exploits in both Ajigbogun and Besinro. He had been enjoying the mercy and grace of God, so what could have happened?

I was ruminating on this all through till I got to Lagos.

I began to see myself as a backslider and no more OLUOJE. I started rebuking the Spirit of a backslider and that of a traitor in me. My host came for me and I was lodged in a hotel room. Now, I had no need to hold back tears as I was alone in the room. I wept profusely, asking God for mercy, as I said these words:

“Father, I don’t want to backslide, I don’t want to be a traitor, I don’t want to be a betrayer. Father, have mercy upon me”

In the middle of the night, I felt a little bit relieved and wanted to go through the script of the production I went for, but the Holy Spirit kept nudging me to go back to the ABEJOYE Season 7 script. I obliged and continued reading. I read to a certain point again and I heaved a great sigh of relief and again, my happy and gladdened countenance was restored.

However, the encounter I had earlier on was still intact as I have made amends where necessary and I am still in the process like Apostle Paul said in Philippians 3:13-14.

I am what I am, by the Grace of God. I glory in the strength of the Lord and His Grace for restoration, deliverance and salvation.


Isaac Femi-Akintunde