NWALA ; The Bittersweet Story (Part 49&50) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 49
Opeyemi Akintunde

I explained all that I had received…

“Thank you Jesus! How come we never thought about it. That means we need to do foundational deliverance for Amos, he has to be separated from the powers of his father’s house.”

” Yes, it now makes sense, Amos has anger issues, revengeful spirit and the one he just exhibited with the money; ‘If I can’t have it, I will destroy it’ which was what Daniel did to me.” I said…

From that moment to the next three days , it was a time of prayer battle.

Ha! Reuben indeed is a whole man , not a broken one.

You would think Amos was really his biological son. I saw the way he prayed for him with passion.

Prayers like…

“Amos my son, I detach you from the ancestral pollution of your father’s house in Jesus name”

“I set you apart from the pattern of your Father’s house”

“The Spirit of Daniel living inside of you is replaced with the Spirit of the Living God”

He prayed it night and Day.…


By the sixth night, he woke me up where I had dozed off…



“Please Wake up!”

I quickly wiped the sle€p off my face.

“I saw Amos in my dream!


“He was saying Thank you to us, he said in his Words…’Thank you for removing the seed of the devil from me”

“Praise the Lord!’ I said happily.

“I believe our prayers have been answered over him, but I want you to do me a favour” Reuben said

“I want you to bless him with all of your heart, I want you to forgive his biological father and I want you to pray for him as his mother. Bible says in the book of Proverbs 13:2 that From the fruit of their lips , people enjoy good things” The fruits of our lips are our Words, What we declare over our children determines whether we will reap good or bad things from them.

Even if the father of a child hurts a woman badly, she should learn to separate the child from the father so she can get to reap good things from that child.

Even if a woman supposedly gets a child from the devil, she can turn that child to God and remove the hand of the devil from the child’s life. Why is it so easy for the devil to steal children of God from their parents , but we find it hard to snatch supposedly devils’ kids from him unto God.

My Dad told me he has told you about his Story, so you see, Daddy refused to bow to the claim of the devil over his ministry. He daily renews his covenant with the Almighty. To the Glory of God, the cult has let him be…

My Beauty, I thought I was giving you this name just because of how I saw you, but it was prophetic, for your Ashes that Daniel intended to cause in your life, God has given you Beauty…

My Beauty, You determine what becomes of what you find in your hands. Amos will become beautiful in our hands.”

I prayed like I had never prayed before. I poured out a mother’s blessings on Amos. I declared scriptures on him, I travailed like I wanted to birth him again. I prayed the hatred I had for him out of his life.

” I bless you Amos from the depth of my heart, I bless you wholeheartedly. You are blessed beyond measure in Jesus name.”


After the prayer that took about one hour, I sat back into the bed in the chalet and I asked Reuben one simple question…

” What kind of Man are you?”

” I am your Joseph, and I must ensure your Mary births Greatness. Though Amos is not my biological son, I will follow you up till I make God happy.”

” Thank you!” I said with lots of tears accompanying it.

Part 50 (Epilogue)
Opeyemi Akintunde

25 years Later…

Amos and Hezekiah knelt before Grandpa Acme before the Whole Church.

I couldn’t hold my tears back as I watched my two sons get elevated by God…


After the Retreat, Amos turned a new leaf. The prayer of foundational deliverance became our daily prayer over him. Reuben mentored Amos and Hezekiah deeply in the things of God. Reuben left no stone unturned.

Amos became even more on fire for God than Hezekiah. When we realized that, we began to invest more in Hezekiah as well till we could see that they both were matching in the things of God.

Did the question of his fatherhood never pop up?

Yes it did, When Amos became a full blown teenager, he questioned his complexion difference and we had to tell the story. He was shocked and that gave a better result than we expected. He said he learnt a lot from the story and he hoped he would not turn out like the man who was his father.

I asked if he wanted to know his father and he said he didn’t have another father; He told us the only father he knew was Reuben.

However, Daniel as usual wanted to raise dust when the boys turned 21 years old. He had visited our Church and asked for a DNA. He said he knew Amos was his son as he had also studied about Heteropaternal Superfecundation.

I told him there was no need for a DNA, that Amos was his son.

Daniel decided to raise dust with the media.

In the heat of it all, Amos told me to let him handle it.

Amos had gone to see him at the hotel he was lodged in. Till date, I don’t know what he and Amos discussed but when Daniel stepped out of the room, he looked me in the eye…

“Though he may look like me and have my blood in his veins, he is definitely not my son. He is your husband’s son. I wish you a good life. Take this, I brought this to blackmail you. However my discussion with your son, has made me realize how stupid I was back there and still is. This is the only copy ever. Feel free to destroy it. Have a good life, Nwa… sorry Pastor Mrs Beauty Acme”

I watched as Daniel walked away from me, and I felt the arm of his seed that had been taken over by God over my shoulder pulling him to himself and whispering to me ..

“Mum, he will never disturb us again”

And he never did!

Therefore watching my 37 year old sons being promoted and prayed over by their grandfather as the new Assistant General Overseers in charge of Missions( Amos) and Finance( Hezekiah), I couldn’t help but say…


I am now a happy Wife, Mother and Grandmother of eight glorious children!

Timothy? Yes, the boy I knocked down…

I thought you wouldn’t ask of him, Timothy has become a very wealthy business man in the country using his wealth for the Kingdom. I omitted the fact that as Reuben was raising Amos and Hezekiah , he was also a father to Timothy.

My journey has been Bittersweet…the good thing is that though the devil wanted my story to be a bittersweet story, God turned it around and has made it a completely sweet story..

Selah! What did you learn from my story?


Dear Reader,
I am glad you made it to the end of the bittersweet story. I know you must have picked a lesson or two from the story. As the author, Let me list a few lessons in this story, feel free to add yours on the blank page provided at the last page of this novel.

  1. A life without Christ is a life full of crises.
  2. Getting it right in Marriage is highly important.
  3. There are seasons in marriage and we must learn to understand these seasons, so we can take the right steps in the seasons.
  4. In cases of infidelity, Prayers for healing for the one hurt can lead to true forgiveness.
  5. Names are very important in fulfillment of destiny.
  6. Foundational Deliverance is very crucial.
  7. We must learn that although God has given a promise in form of a prophecy, there is always a waiting period before the manifestation.

Unfortunately, a lot people get weary at the waiting period, and they go searching for help. Nwala/Beauty couldn’t wait for God’s appointed time, in error she tried to help herself, and just like Sarah couldn’t wait for the promise time, gave her maid to her husband and got Ishmael, when God was preparing her Isaac.

Whatever the lord promised you; wealth, fame, success, children and there is no traces of it, don’t go helping yourself because the seed of that ungodly help will eventually be a whip of torment…

Don’t go into fraud, ritual, diabolical means to help yourself when your miracle is on its way from heaven…

Waiting can be hard, but I pray for you, joining my faith with yours that:

May the lord give you the spirit of patience that will hold you firm while you await the fulfillment of God’s promises in Jesus Name.

Kindly Pray these Prayers…

*Oh lord, do not let my miracle meet me unprepared and unavailable and unworthy in Jesus name

*May my mistakes not destroy my miracles in Jesus name…

*My marriage shall not be bed of thorns but a bed of roses in Jesus name

*Whatever is in my Foundation that is fighting my greatness, Oh Lord Uproot it by your Mighty hand in Jesus name.

*Any area of my Life, that the devil is laying claim to, silence him completely in Jesus name.

*Lord, help my story end as a sweet story in Jesus name.

I pray that the blessing and knowledge you have contacted through this novel stay with you forever… GOD BLESS YOU.

If this story has blessed and touched your life, remember to say a Word of Prayer for the Author, Mrs Opeyemi Akintunde the writer of this story as INSPIRED by the HOLY SPIRIT… that God never departs from her Life and Home…

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1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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