NWALA ; The Bittersweet Story (Part 47&48) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 47
Opeyemi Akintunde

Beauty! Beauty!” I heard Reuben calling my name.

I woke up to his Soft face looking at me. I thought I was dreaming.

“Are you Okay?” He asked still looking soft. It had been a long time since I saw that look on his face.

” Yeah!” I said trying to gather my thoughts as to why I was sle€ping in my mother’s room.



“Amos?” I said jumping from the bed and looking to Reuben’s eyes

“He is fine and very St@ble, my Mum is with him”

” Your Mum?” I asked

” Yes!”

A lot of questions in my head. Just like everyone, his Mum didn’t like carrying Amos, So what changed?

” I asked her to please come stay with him for a few hours”

“That would be bothersome, Let me shower. I will go back to the hospital. Thank you for relieving me”

I was already going to the bathroom when Reuben held me and without looking into my eyes he said…

” Beauty Let’s go home”

Those words had so many underlays I could read.

I could read him saying…

“We have a lot to talk about!”

“I am hurting but I am willing to let go”.

It wasn’t a command but it only made sense I obeyed what he had just asked me. I nodded in agreement and like a child I followed him downstairs.

“Ride with me” He said.

The Words brought back memories. It reminded me of When he came to my University and he said those exact words. I wished the girl back then knew the treasure God had given her.

We left my Car there and I got into his car. It had been so long we sat together in the same car. It felt so strange.

As we drove, the car was so quiet , you could mistake it for a graveyard. I saw how he looked at me occasionally. I could tell he wanted to say so much but he couldn’t. I suspected the pain was still there. One year and six months was a long time. I could imagine what was going on in his mind.

” I am sorry” I said. My walk with God had humbled me and I was quick to apologize. I also believe after I changed my name from Nwala to Beauty, I was no more strong headed.

I wasn’t expecting what happened next. Reuben burst into tears.He didn’t stop driving, he kept driving.

Few minutes later, with his right hand, he reached out for my left hand and interlocked it together. He still did not utter a word.

From that moment, we drove off in silence.


We walked into the Living Room. I didn’t know what to expect. I stood like a stranger in my own Living room.

“Sit, Let’s talk” Reuben said

I sat into one of the Chairs in the living room.

“I am sorry about how I have treated you in almost two years.” Reuben said

“You shouldn’t be apologizing for that, it’s my fault. You only reacted that way because of my wrong action. Once again I apologize for my error”

” Your Error? Amos is our Error, I am not a saint either ” Reuben said

” Our?” I asked

“Beauty, I was selfish, I was after making you mine, I didn’t take a minute to think about if you were ready for a relationship or marriage. Yes I am a good guy, a Child of God and I Knew back then I was going to be a good husband, but did I think about you?

Beauty, you were not Spiritually and emotionally matured for a relationship. I was ready and I dragged you into marriage . That’s why when you were shaken a bit, you fell like a pack of cards, so please forgive me for not giving you the chance to grow while I waited.”

My tears flowed, Reuben was a wise man. He was right. I was not even to be considered saved as at the time I got married. I was riding on the Grace of My mother’s spirituality.

“However, in the past six months I have watched you grow and I wish I had married the you right here in front of me back then, but it’s never too late with God to set things right. I know things have gone really bad but I want us to start again, and today I want to reaffirm the Words I said that day, that “I gat you”.

“Beauty Acme, With the Son of your infidelity, Will you once again give me the Driver’s License of this forever ride with you…” Reuben said

I cried! We cried!

Just like his Father had said, we took our dry marriage to the Fountain of Living Water and got refreshed. Amos became better and was discharged.

Reuben asked that the twins stay at his Mother’s for a week while we travelled to a prayer camp. We knew our marriage and hearts needed healing. We got refreshed and truth be told as we stayed together in the chalet , our love and desire for each other sparked, but we knew we wanted to get it right with God first.

On getting home, our Love exploded and the body and soul starvation for almost two years ended in an joyful Love bath. Words can not describe but in the midst of it all, all I could say was “THANK YOU GOD, for the gift of INT€RCOURS€, no wonder it is a Sacred thing that should be kept between partners. This intimacy was a different kind, I believe it was because God was now more involved in our lives.

Part 48
Opeyemi Akintunde

Ten years later…

I was having it sweet in marriage but there was still the bitterness. Though Reuben had accepted Amos as his son, Amos still exhibited traits of not being Reuben’s son. Amos was always getting into trouble. It seemed like he was also battling two spirits in him. Amos could be sweet one minute and even talk like Reuben, but the next minute he would behave so madly like Daniel.

I knew Daniel’s look whenever he was angry, so there were a lot of times I would see Daniel in Amos.

One day, he did something that broke me into tears. I almost cursed him in anger.

By that time we already had another daughter; Esther.

We were on our way back from church that Sunday afternoon, and I decided to pick up some groceries from the mall. Reuben was to stay in the car with Esther, while the boys were to follow me to be of help. Amos said he wasn’t getting down. Hezekiah followed me instead.

Miraculously, I met an old friend; a friend I used to feed way back in secondary school. Out of excitement, she had given me one thousand dollars and she gave Hezekiah two hundred dollars; she didn’t know I had another son or daughter and husband in the car waiting for us.

We got back into the car excitedly sharing the news. Amos didn’t show any emotion. Instead he asked to feel the money. We gave him and before we could say Jesus is Lord, he ripped the money to pieces.

I was Mad, Reuben, Esther and Hezekiah were equally mad.

I was done. I wanted to give a call to Daniel to return his seed to him. He was a bitter pill in a sweet life. Most times I imagined how beautiful my life would have been if I didn’t have Amos in my life. I would have had a sweet life with Myself, Reuben ,Hezekiah and Esther.


“You want to repeat the same mistake you made years back, Beauty, there is no solution with the devil. Going back to Daniel will uncover a lot. I have accepted Amos as my son. I do not believe Daniel exists anywhere. Amos is my son and with God I believe we can deal with Him. I believe we haven’t gotten something right with him.” Reuben said to a shattered me. I wanted to call Daniel to tell him he had a son with me and he could have him for free without a fight.

” What have we not gotten right with him?” I asked in tears.

“Let’s have a special program for Amos. Jarius took his son’s case to Jesus, Amos is our son, let’s take his case to Jesus. No matter how terrible it may look I know there is a solution.”

I sobbed for lack of Words…


We travelled once again for a week retreat. It had become a frequent one for us, but this time, we were going specifically for Amos ..

We kept praying for clarity on what we were expected to do with Amos. I was secretly hoping God would say I should return the devil’s child to the devil. Don’t blame me; though he was my child , he was a pain in my life, he was the bitterness in my sweet life.

On the fourth day, I was flipping through my Bible hoping the Lord would speak to me. Then a scripture screamed for my attention ..

“Paul wanted to take him along on the Journey, so he circumcised him because of the Jews who lived in that area, for they all knew his Father was a Greek” Acts 16:3

I read the Scripture over and over and the phrase, ” His father was a Greek” kept calling for my attention. I decided to read the Scripture from the first verse and I was able to understand what was happening.

Timothy was a young boy who people spoke well of, and whose mother was Jewish. Paul wanted to pick him and possibly mentor him as they travelled the world for Evangelism, but there was a problem. Timothy’s father was a Greek, a Gentile and because of that Timothy was not circumcised. Paul could not take an uncircumcised preacher to Jewish towns, therefore Timothy had to cut off from what made him like his father…

” Your Son Amos needs to be delivered from the Spirit of his Father’s house living inside of him, so that he can live a life of Joy and greatness like his half – brother. The reason why Hezekiah and Esther have good lives is because of their ancestry. Their father and Grandfather have soaked their foundations in Christ.” The Spirit of God began to expound scriptures to me. The Spirit of God took me to Genesis, Where God asked Abraham to leave his Father’s house to a promised land. I was made to understand by the Spirit of God that Deliverance from the powers of one’s father’s house was very key.

As the Spirit of God kept expounding Scriptures to me, I was also taken to the scripture my mother shared with me about Joseph being the father of Jesus. It was explained to me that even Jesus the Messiah wanted to be released on earth, he had to come through a godly lineage; a foundation that God had passed through.

I jumped up from where I sat screaming…

“I got it…Babe I got it” I said to Reuben…


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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