NWALA ; The Bittersweet Story (Part 39&40) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 39
Opeyemi Akintunde

I stood up from the chair where I sat listening to Bishop’s story. I was in awe of the love that God has for me to give me a Father-in-law like Bishop.

“Your secret is safe with me, I won’t tell Reuben if you are not ready to tell him”

I shook my head in the negative indicating I didn’t want Reuben hearing about what I had done. He nodded affirmatively showing that he respected my choice.

I walked to the altar like a girl who was afraid to speak to her father after disappointing him.

“I am sorry, I messed up, I know I tried to help you like Uzzah did. I didn’t trust you enough to do what you promised. I thought the baby being delayed was as a result of a curse Daniel place on me. Please forgive me, and please don’t let the baby in me be for Daniel. Just like Bishop’s story, I don’t want Daniel laying claim to this child, or God can you please terminate this pregnancy and give me a fresh one pleaseeeeeee?”

In that same moment, my darling husband called, I was not in the mood to talk, but knowing my Reuben, he would keep calling especially since I told him I was going shopping. He would be worried sick. I wiped my tears and picked up.

“Hello my Beauty” He sounded excited

“Hello my love”

“We are pr€gnant?” He asked

He lost me there. I was surprised.

“How did he know? Did Bishop tell him?” My mind raced

“I saw the pregnancy strip in the bathroom” He said.

“Oh!” I said

“My Beauty, Are you okay?”

“Huh Huh” I replied as I almost choked on my tears.

“Are you crying? Where are you?”

“Church” I said faintly

“Our province?” He asked

“No Headquarters” I answered

“Ok, I will be there soon”

I was too weak to argue, in fact I needed his warm embrace against this cold wind of shame.

By the time he came, he met me seated in front…

“You are afraid we will lose this again?” He asked

I couldn’t tell him that the truth was I wanted us to lose this pregnancy. I looked into his eyes and wished I could tell him the truth, but I knew the truth would break him.

Just like I wanted, he hugged me closely.

“We won’t lose this one, I promise to stay with you all the way. I will fast everyday starting from tomorrow, this time your womb will carry my baby to term and deliver soundly”

His words hit differently, it was as if he was exercising his authority over me as his wife to negate Daniel’s word of my womb carrying only his baby.

“Amen!” I said faintly

“Remember I gat you” He said laughing.

He tickled me in my soft spot and I couldn’t help but let out a smile.

“Babe, welcome to your year of pampering pro max” He said carrying me up. Immediately, I had a flash of the trance, I had about him & Amara.

“Oh my God, thank you I did not lose Reuben to Amara” I said within me.

“Don’t let me fall ooo” I said and just like Deja vu, exactly the trance I had played out.

Reuben and I said the exact same thing about having twins just like I saw in my trance…

Just like the Son of the Prince of Peace that Reuben is, He calmed the storm in my heart and I had a good sail in the nine months journey.

He made it a duty to fast everyday for the period of the pregnancy and he was always declaring the word and scripture over my womb everyday.

Guess what!

Truly, We were pr€gnant with twins!

Part 40
Opeyemi Akintunde

The day of delivery came like a thief in the night, my EDD was still three weeks away, but I woke up to use the rest room one night and boom! My water broke.

I was scared I might miscarry again, but Reuben kept speaking in tongues…

“My babies are soaked in the blood of Jesus, Mercy of God speaks over the three of you, I will not lose any of you. The three of you are preserved in Jesus name”

Truly, the three of us came out of the delivery room hale and hearty, but my heart was not hearty, I had seen something that had thrown me off balance. Something had gone wrong.

Immediately the babies came out, and they put them on my chest, I saw my worse fear happening…

“He came out first!” A very fair-skinned baby was put on my chest. Without anyone telling me, he was Daniel’s son. Daniel was fair skinned while Reuben was dark-skinned like me. The baby looked exactly like Daniel.

“He came out second” He was a bit dark skinned and look like Reuben, He was longer just like his tall dad…

I didn’t want to believe my eyes

“Is it possible to have twins from different fathers? I asked within me…

The babies were recovered from me and were cleaned up.

I was in so much fear and sadness; I didn’t want to face Reuben. I wished the fair baby could die…

As I was wheeled to my room, I was tempted to ask one of the nurses if it was possible to be impr€gnat€d by two men and the babies come as twins, but I thought twice about it and concluded it was not safe. I know asking the Doctor would be safer.

‘Beauty! We did it! God saw us through” Reuben said with so much excitement. He was waiting at the corridor. He followed me holding my hand as I was wheeled to the room…

“Pastor, you can come see the babies” A nurse called out to him and I held his hand tightly, I didn’t want him seeing what I knew might break his heart…

“Babe! I will be back” He said and before I could stop him, he was gone.

The next five minutes were like eternity to me…

When he stepped in, I knew he had a lot on his mind, but was trying to cover up…

“The babies are handsome, one looks like me and the other, a fair version of you” He said smiling. I could see between the smiles that he saw puzzled.

“Let me put a call across to everyone, I wanted our miracles to arrive before I call” Reuben said and walked out…

The mood of Reuben had dropped, but he was trying to keep up the excitement….


Everyone who saw the babies knew something was wrong… My family, His family could not hide their puzzled look. Everyone testified the dark skinned baby was a replica of Reuben, but out of pure respect, they would say the fair one was a light skinned version of me. The truth was anyone who knew Daniel would know the baby was for Daniel. I saw the way Amara looked at me in disappointment and kept scrolling through her phone…

My Human Angel came and saved me…

Guess who? Bishop!

When Bishop saw the boys, he smiled!

“Wow! Our God is wonderful”

Trust my mother-in-law to speak…

“The dark one looks like us, but the fair one must be an Angel” she said laughing.

The truth is it was awkward, because my parents were both dark-skinned, likewise his parents, and we; Reuben & I were dark-skinned, so where was the out-rightly fair skinned baby coming from?

“I believe this boy is a special boy, with a special message. He must take his fairness from a distant ancestor” Bishop said.

“Welcome my Grandsons….” The Bishop prayed over them.


Everyone had left except Amara. Reuben also went home to bring some provisions for me.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” I summoned up courage to ask Amara. Her piercing eyes were saying so much without her opening her mouth.

“Did you reach out to Daniel to reverse the curse?” Amara asked directly

I nodded in the positive. There was no point lying. I needed someone I could discuss with. Amara placed her hand on her head in sadness.

“And you slept with him?’ Amara jumped to the end of the story.

“Not that I went there with the motive,….” I was saying trying to find excuse

“Beauty, you are finished, you have Daniel’s baby in your marriage with Reuben! Jesus!” Amara summed it up

“Amara, but it is not possible, scientifically is it possible?” I asked in fear

“Yes, the moment I saw the babies I knew the fair child belongs to Daniel, the shape of his head, his protruded upper lip is Daniel in full. I decided to research online, and I found out that it has occurred in several countries” Amara brought my fear out in the open…

She passed me her phone, and I saw an article titled “Twins Born to Teen by two separate fathers” My world came crashing, I read further…

“The biological phenomenon of giving birth to twins with two different biological fathers is called “Heteropaternal superfecundation”.

This is the fertilization of two or more ova from the same cycle by sperm from separate act of s€xual int€rcours€, which can lead to twin babies from two separate biological fathers. In plain English, when a woman has int€rcours€ with two different men in a SHORT PERION OF TIME while ovulating, it’s possible for both men to impr€gnat€ her separately…”

My life ended!

My life had just become a bittersweet life!


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1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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