NWALA ; The Bittersweet Story (Part 35&36) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 35
Opeyemi Akintunde

I can’t remember how I drove back home; all I remember is walking into our house and feeling relieved that Reuben was not home… I sobbed like a baby, whose mother was not around to rock her to sle€p.

My phone beeped and though I was not in the mood for a call, I checked what the notification was. It was a chat from Daniel… There was a video attached… My heart raced… I downloaded the video praying it was not our s€x video. Thankfully it was not, but the content was not less painful…

I saw Daniel with three girls on his bed.

“Pastor Mrs, I am giving some good girls the three and half round you couldn’t complete…” He said in the video.

He sent a chat following the video

“I thought you were smart, but clearly, I over estimated you. I decided to stay back in my HOUSE, before returning to the states to meet my faithful wife and kids… I have 3 kids and you have none! CHEKMATE”

To make me more mad, he posted a family picture of himself, a white (American) woman and three Biracial kids. Immediately, he deleted it.

“I had to delete the pictures immediately, just wanted you to see the life you missed”

I broke down, shattered. I had been fooled. Obviously, the house was not a self-service apartment, it was his. He only told the lie to chase me out…

I became enraged…

“No… I didn’t miss anything good, in fact thankfully, I missed the biggest mistake of my life, I am grateful I missed marrying a heartless wicked, womanizing, lying bastard. I am grateful I didn’t miss the loyal, loving, compassionate, God-fearing man I have. Good riddance to bad rubbish…” I was about to send the message when I heard Reuben’s car horn… I quickly deleted it, and deleted all the precious chats. I blocked his contact immediately to avoid him sending more messages. I deleted our call history and turned off my phone…

I dashed off into the bathroom, I wanted to scrub out Daniel’s smell from my body.

“Darling, where are you?”


The words “Darling, where are you?” sounded so familiar. I knew where those same wards had been used before

“Adam, where are you?”

Yes… I believe at that very moment, I was experiencing the same emotion, Adam and Eve experienced after their disobedience. Just like they hid in the garden, I was hiding in the bathroom trying to gather my thoughts and composure.

Just like Eve, I had listened to Satan’s suggestion that I needed Daniel to break the curse after God spoke against it through Amara.

“I am in here” I replied quickly.

Reuben was always quick to know when something wasn’t going well with me.

“Should I tell him and ask for his forgiveness?”

“Yes you should, don’t let him find out in the wrong way”

“Don’t tell him, after Adam and Eve confessed, they were sent out of the garden. If you tell Reuben, he will send you out of this beautiful garden of yours, remember you don’t even have kids together” A voice I couldn’t differentiate it’s source said to me. I was not sure if this was God or the devil speaking.

“This is no coincidence” Reuben said laughing sheepishly

“What?” I asked faintly

“You being naked in front of me when all that kept flashing in my mind through out at the church was the picture of your naked body”

“Wow” I said in fear. Reuben also had the gift of visions like his father. I was afraid God had revealed my atrocity to him.

“Yes Beauty, I kept thinking about you naked and making love, I believe its no coincidence, I believe our bodies have missed each other…”

Reuben was already taking off his shirt.

“Oh No!” I said to myself

I was exhausted physically and emotionally. Reuben walked into our enclosed shower. His one touch sent relief to my soul. His miracle hand felt like healing to my soul.

I lost it and tears flowed.

“My Beauty, what’s wrong?”

I shook my head in the negative denying all shades of wrong that was happening to me.

“Is it still about the baby matter?’

I quickly nodded.

“I am in the mess because of the baby matter” I wanted to cry out but I didn’t have the liver to.

“Come here” Reuben drew me in his embrace under the shower.

‘This is where love lives” I cried out in my soul. I wanted to stay there forever. I regretted the few times I thought about Daniel in our 7 years marriage. Daniel was an insult to a man like Reuben…

As I journeyed in my world of regret, Reuben hands caressed my body soothingly. His touch was like a therapy for my soul. My tears dropped like heavy rainfall, but thankfully the shower was doing a good job at hiding the tears.

For the first time, in 7 years, I fully released by body and soul to Reuben. It was at this point I realized, I had not been giving him my full self. A part of me had been yearning for Daniel and thinking s€x with him would have been better than what I was having with Reuben.

As I relaxed and let Reuben lead me unreserved to the land of joy, I realized s€x was not what I was having with Reuben, it was a beautiful soul connection, it was blissful, joyful, enjoyable, relaxing, ecstatic. I could feel us holding hands together in our minds, moving together towards a great height and together blissfully with utmost satisfaction, we got to the peak of our joy…

“Jesus!” Reuben couldn’t help but shout and interestingly was followed by tongues…

“Ha! My Good God!” I exclaimed as well, as Reuben released his power into me. It was like our first…. Never had I had it that sweet and memorable in my life.

“Beauty… I love you” Reuben said


We laid in the bed cuddled up together, my mind blank because of lack of the direction my thoughts should take. Reuben was staring at me…

“What’s different today?’ Reuben said

I knew what he was asking.

“About?” I said faking ignorance.

“About our love making… You were different in my hands, you were relaxed, vulnerable, and I could feel your total surrender” Reuben perfectly articulated the emotions…

“Let’s say, I am falling more in love with you”

“Keep falling please… I would give you anything to enjoy more of this… I think the last time I felt close to what I feel was the first time we made love, after reading my letters to Nwala. Beauty, I love you and I want you to fully give yourself to me… Please” Reuben said staring into my eyes and I couldn’t help but see the tears that fell on the pillow

“I am sorry” I said and I meant it.

“No more reservations” I told him…


Three weeks later, I missed my period… At first, I was elated, but remembrance hit me… I slept with two men on the same day, and Daniel had enough time on me… Although, after my pledge of no reservation, Reuben and I had made love a few more times…

“It’s Reuben’s baby” I said convincingly to myself.

“How are you sure” Don’t you think it will Daniel’s baby”

“No… God forbid I carry his baby… God please I need to erase the pregnancy, so you can start afresh. After the act, I prayed for forgiveness and I know you forgave me, so please Dear God, take back this child to heaven and let my husband and I retry.”

Part 36
Opeyemi Akintunde

After realizing I had actually missed my period, I was torn between going to a proper hospital for a pregnancy test or going to a pharmacy to get a home kit.

I finally gave in to buying the pharmacy pregnancy strip. I went very far away from home and I had my shades on, plus a face cap. I didn’t want anyone recognizing me a bit.

The five minutes of waiting for the result from the kit was like waiting forever. I stood in the bathroom waiting and praying that it would be negative. With very shaky hands, I picked up the pregnancy strip and since I was familiar with negative and positive result, I didn’t need a doctor to tell me I was carrying a seed in me.

The strip showed positive, but there was no positivity in me one bit. What I was feeling in my heart was all shades of negativity ranging from fear, sadness, anxiety, anticipated shame.

“God, who is the father of this baby in me?, Daniel or Reuben?” I asked and within me, I was torn. There were two loud voices trying to fight for attention.



This was as Bishop had prophesied. He had said exactly a year ago, that by the time, God was going to visit me with a son.

“How come the son was coming exactly a month after I slept with Daniel”.

“God, what are you doing with my life, you told me to marry Reuben, but why would Daniel get me pr€gnant?”

“Reuben’s son is in your womb” I heard the words softly within me, but I was too afraid to believe it.

“God, I am sorry but I have to get rid of this pregnancy so as to get rid of any iota of doubt “ I concluded.

I disposed the pregnancy strip and left the house.


I was at the cheap looking hospital very far from my home. I had driven three hours away from my home, I lied to the nurse at the reception that I had six children already, and I was already pr€gnant of the seventh child. The nurse had believed my lie and had told me to wait for the doctor.

I had lied to Reuben I was going shopping.

My phone rang as I sat waiting for the doctor, and I would not have expected that call that day. It was my Father-in-law, the Bishop calling. Instant fear gripped me. I suspected what was coming. My Father-in-law had the Prophetic Grace, he had the gift of open eyes. I didn’t pick up. I allowed it to ring to the end. I was about to turn it off, when a text message dropped…

“The Lord said if you do what you are about to do, you will die!” the text read

I knew there was no escaping. Bishop already knew what I was up to.

The phone rang again. I knew I had to pick.

“Hello Daddy”

“Beauty, leave where you are now, and meet me in the office”

“Ok sir”


I sat in front of my Father-in-law in tears. There was no point lying or pretending. I told him the truth…

As Reuben’s father, I saw the pain in his eyes, but as a shepherd I saw the pain in his eyes for me.

“Beauty, I warned you about that boy, you should not have tried to help God. I told you God was going to visit you by this time this year, that did not mean you would physically have your baby in your hands. God visited Zechariah in the temple and promised him a child, God also visited Abraham and promised him and Sarah a child. That was what God was saying to you. God did not say by this time this year you would carry your child in your hands. It is important to understand the details of God. You and Reuben made love that same day Daniel slept with you. That was your day of visitation. Beauty, you have let the devil corrupt your testimony…”

“Daddy, honestly I went there to reverse the curse, when I saw that after the name change & Prophesy, the child was not coming”

“Beauty, never try to help God, Uzzah in the Bible tried to help God when he saw that the ark of covenant was about to fall as the oxen stumbled, but guess what, God killed him. Why? There was a law on ground that no one was to touch the ark because it was holy. Most times, in our bid to help God, we actually end up doing what angers him. Let me tell you a story no one knows about me.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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