NWALA ; The Bittersweet Story (Part 33&34) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 33
Opeyemi Akintunde

I kept counting down. Reuben could tell I wasn’tmyself as sometimes, I would sit down very lost inthought. I was excited to see Daniel yet I was afraid.

Reuben asked countless times what was up with me,but I couldn’t bring myself to telling him the extent I

had gone for us to have our son.

My phone rang by 10am exactly on the 10th day, WhenI checked the ID, surprisingly it was Daniel’s old

number. It meant he used the phone numberwhenever he was in the country.

“Hello Daniel”

“Hi Nwala, I got into town last night, I have a lotscheduled for my 3 days stay so I was wondering if wecould meet today before 2:00pm”


“Where? Your place or mine? He asked.

I was shocked at the suggestion of my home as Danielobviously noticed my reservation.

“Oh! Your husband doesn’t know about us, I get! Well,because of my brand and your status as a pastor’s wife,we can’t be seen in public together. I don’t want someirresponsible blog denting my image, so I guess myplace will be the best option…”

‘Ok…” I wasn’t thinking anymore. I just wanted to getthings done…

Good judgement was refraining me from going onwith this plan, but I had my mind settled on going…


The house was beautiful, topnotch and Big. I keptwondering how Daniel got to the top so fast. I left himbroke…

As I parked at his gate, I gave him a call…

“I am at the gate” I said

“Ok!” He ended the call…

This Daniel was not the lengthy talker I dated yearsback. He was way too official…

“Well Beauty, you don’t need him to be a talkativeright now, the lesser the conversation between youboth, the better” I warned myself.

The gate opened on it’s own, and I drove in. I checkedaround, there was no security guard. Obviously, it was

a computerized gate. I sat in the car waiting for Danielto step out, but my phone rang…

“The door is opened; you can come in” he said. I began to feel uneasy with the lack of human face


I stepped out of my car and walked towards the door.

As I got to the door, I heard a click, and I heard acomputerized voice…

“Welcome Nwala, please use the handle”

“What kind of show off was Daniel putting on?” I saidto myself

He wanted me to know he was living in acomputerized house…

I walked into a very beautiful living room. Daniel wasno where to be found. Suddenly, I heard the sound of

a pair of legs walking towards me… I looked up inanticipation and Reuben’s face was the first face Isaw…

“Nwala! Nwala!” I heard Daniel calling my name

“Oh thank goodness…” I returned from my

imaginative world of seeing Reuben in Daniel’shouse…

“Are you okay?”

“Yes. I am fine, was just lost in thought”

“Yeah I can imagine, you never thought, I would makeit this big without you…”

“No that was not what I was thinking”

“I bet it is… Nwala I made it, I wish your mother ishere to see me”

“I am sure she would be happy for you”

“Remind me again, why didn’t you marry me?”

“God told me to marry Reuben”

“Oh! So how come your God couldn’t let you have kidswith him?”

“Daniel, can we stop this back and forth, I am not hereto fight with you, I am sorry for all I did, but lifehappens”

“Yes life happens, just like it happened for me. Let meentertain you with how life happened to or for me”

I rolled my eyes, now the talkative, guilt allottingDaniel was here…

“Oh my manners, please have a seat”

“I don’t intend staying for long”

“I promise my story won’t be long, I will recount it asshortly as I can”

I took a seat, I was ready to play along…


“Beauty” I corrected

“Nwala… You should have seen me after you shut meout of your life and you eventually got married. I lostit. Do you know I was admitted into a mental hospitalfor three months after I saw you at my father’s burialceremony… Nwala, I wanted to die… You were my


“Daniel, that was our mistake, you saw me as the bestthing that could ever happen to you, and you were

wrong. You thought with me and my parent’s wealth,you will be better than your background… Meanwhile,

Jesus should have been your focus. I also played alongstupidly by thinking I was your savior, that with myparent’s wealth, we will start a great life together…”

“Was I wrong to have wanted to climb on the shoulderof my wife and in-laws?”

“Bible says woe to those who put their trust in man,Daniel you didn’t go through me to where you are,God made you”

“Yes I didn’t go through you, instead I went throughhell, I had to travel abroad through illegal means, Iused the passport of someone else. When I got there, Istarted running around like a thief not to be caught bythe police… Thankfully I met a Nigerian guy who fixedme up with a mechanic friend of his. If my fatherdidn’t give me anything, he gave me the knowledgeabout cars. I worked my life out for 2 good years withthis guy without pay. My pay was for him to help meget my own American passport. Thankfully, after twoyears through his connection I got my passport.Through him, I started sending cars to Nigeria and my

younger brother was selling on my behalf. My Goodluck didn’t stop there, I got to know about dealingwith car manufacturers directly through one of myclients. Nwala, the road was messy, had to do a lot ofmessy things to get money to start dealing directly

with the manufacturers” he said

“All the same, you are here, and whether you agree ornot God has been good to you” I said knowing I waspreaching the right message at the wrong place.

“Can we skip to the reason why I am here” I said

“Without me showing you around?” he said pullingme up quickly

“I don’t have to see…”

Those words were not falling on open ears…He showed me everywhere. I didn’t see anything extraordinary, except that the house was computerized.

Finally, we got to the master bedroom… The sight ofthe bed flashed a red flag at me.

“I have seen enough Daniel” I said standing at theentrance of the door.

“Come in please, I want to show you something”

Part 34
Opeyemi Akintunde

He noticed I wasn’t moving. He walked back to thedoor, pulled me in and closed the door behind him, I

heard the click sound.

“Why did you lock the door?”

“I didn’t, it’s automatic, when it’s time to go, I will tellit “Judith, open the door to the master’s bedroom” Hesaid and I heard the unlocking sound of the door.

That kind of gave me a short-lived relief.

“Speaking about locking doors, is there somethinggoing on in your mind?” he teased

“Nothing… Daniel can we do what I came here to do,please!” I asked feeling tensed

“Ok, only after you k!ss me”


“Nwala, give me the fulfillment of your lips against mylips just for the last time, pay me back for dumping


“Daniel, I am married”

“I know and that’s why I am not asking for s€x, just ak!ss”

“I would still be cheating on my husband”

“Your husband won’t know”

“God will know”

“Ok, then you can leave, let God give you the childwithout me reversing the curse”

I burst into tears….

“Daniel… Dee, why are you doing this to me? For thesake of the love we shared, please help me reverse the


Daniel went soft too

“Babe… help me, let me have the satisfaction of havingyou in my embrace just this last time and I promise tomove on… Nwala, I didn’t make love for 3 years ofactive dating. I had my fantasies about our first night

together… It was never fulfilled…” As he said thosewords softly, and caressed my face, my heart wasbeginning to melt… I felt his pain, I really did.

“Just one k!ss” I said

“Yes a long satisfying one” he said “I promise”

I thought about it and I concluded one k!ss wouldn’thurt. I was going to control myself not to get out of

hand…I nodded in the affirmative, and like a hungry starvedlion, he grabbed my face and k!ssed me hard, he

pushed me to his bed. I tried to push him off to tellhim hitting the bed was not part of the bed, but Daniel

was heavier than he used to be, thanks to a lot of timeat the gym obviously…

“Ple…” I tried to mumble into his mouth but Danielhad gone deaf. His left hand had gathered my twohands up arresting the hands.

“Oh my God!” I said

I fell… emotions got the best of me… I found myselfrelieving the fantasies we both have spoken about ofhow our first night would be. Daniel still had the

details in his head…

I forgot about God, Reuben and every other thing thatmattered at that point. I was enjoying myself deeply.

Daniel was being aggressive and at first, I wasenjoying it…

We went two rounds and I was exhausted already, buthe wasn’t…

“We have done two out of the styles, we have five left”

“No… I am tried…” I said

“You can’t be, every round is for each year, you haveonly made up for two years”

“No Daniel, I am tired…” I said forcefully pushing himoff…

“Where are you going?”


“Judith, shut all doors Daniel said…

“Daniel, what are you doing?”

“You are not leaving until I have my five rounds” Hesaid affirmatively.

“You want me to die”

“You can’t die… I have something you can drink thatwill boost you”

“Daniel please I beg you… let me go”



“Ok, let’s make it half”

“Half of what?” I asked

“Half of 7 years of your marriage”

“Let’s go one and half round more”

Looking at him, I could tell if he didn’t get his poundof flesh, he wouldn’t let go…

“Fine…” I said

I laid there like a log of wood, letting him fulfil hisfantasies. Initially I enjoyed whatever it was we did,now it was painful, as he kept turning me and twistingme in different directions like a s€x worker. At thatpoint, I appreciated Reuben’s love making… Exactly

the right words… Love making, he was always gentle,constantly checking my face for my own emotions…

He knows women were slower in getting satisfied, sohe would ask…

“Are we on the same pace…, should I slow down?”Reuben would say

But here was Daniel acting like a wild animal subduing his prey…

Finally, it ended… the torture ended, the revengeended.

“Judith, open all doors” he said

“Can you reverse the curse now?” I asked weakly

“Please shut the door after you leave my house…” Hesaid

“Daniel… I need you to reverse the curse…

“Nwala, I need you to get out of my house, if you don’twant me releasing our s€x tape to your husband and

his church”

I became speechless and I believe I stopped breathing.

How stupid of me, I had just been scammed. Also, Iforgot about all the CCTV’s in the house…

“Daniel please don’t do this to me” I cried…

“Nwala, you did this to me 8 to 9 years ago. Have afeel of it. You cut off my expectations, you promised to

marry me but you failed, same game I am playing. Ipromised to reverse the curse, but I am failing to do so”

Daniel said, standing up. He picked up his shirt andtrousers.

“I advise you to dress up, I am leaving the country intwo hours, you are the business I came to conclude inNigeria, and this house is a self-service apartment,once my time is up, the computer will erase thememory of my voice, that way I will be locked in… I

am leaving right away if you keep staying there, youwill be locked in, and guess how dirty it will look for

the cleaners to open and find Pastor Mrs Nwala here…”

I literally shutdown.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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