NWALA ; The Bittersweet Story (Part 31&32) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 31
Opeyemi Akintunde

That was how I got my new name…

Bishop Acme in the presence of my parents, Reubenand his mother, named me Beauty…

“From this day forward, you shall be called BeautyAcme, May the Beauty of God find expression in all

areas of your life. Ugly situations are not permitted inyour life.

Today, I destroy all havoc your former name has brought into your life in Jesus name… Beauty, may your life be beautiful all the days of your life in

Jesus name”

That day, the name Nwala died and truth be told, I feltdifferent like a burden had been lifted off myshoulders…

Just as we were leaving Bishop’s Office, he called bothof us and said…

“As the Lord lives and HIS spirit lives, by this timenext year, the lord would visit you with a son…”

My joy knew no bounds, that was the month May, andbased on the word of the prophecy, by May the nextyear which would be the seventh year of my marriage,

I would be carrying my baby… I was super excitedbecause if there was anything Bishop Acme wasknown for, was the accuracy of his prophecy…


Six months later, I wasn’t pr€gnant… I was getting

mad and depressed.

How was my prophecy for Junegoing to come to pass, if I wasn’t pr€gnant in


I believed there was still something I had not done.


Though I had changed my name, I felt I needed toreach out to him

I nursed the thought for another five months but byMay ending, I made up my mind to call Daniel!

Maybe I got the prophecy wrong, maybe I was goingto conceive in June! I couldn’t afford to miss that June

for anything. I had to clear my doubts about Daniel.

I dialed his mobile number, I still remembered it by

heart. The call kept dropping. It was obvious he wasno longer using the line again. I typed his name on theinternet search engine and several Daniel Osuji

popped up. I kept looking till I saw “DAN MOTORS”

under a particular Daniel Osuji. I clicked on it and I

was pleasantly surprise. Daniel was looking good. Iclicked on images connecting to him, and oh boy!

Daniel had become a big boy posing with several

exotic cars with the name “DAN MOTORS” as theplate number. I further researched DAN MOTORSand yes! Daniel was the owner. He was based inCalifornia.

“How did he get there?

How did he become this big in 7 years?”

I was asking myself several questions. I checked for acontact number on their website. I also checked for

pictures of him and his wife, but there was none;

instead, a lot of official pictures with big car


“Just signed the dotted lines with Toyota”

“It sure will be a great working relationship with Ford”

“Thank you, Mercedes Benz, for trusting us”

“Bentley, we are game!”

I was in awe… Did a little regret set in? Not too sure,but the life he was living looked fascinating…


Hello, Good afternoon, this is DAN MOTORS, I amPriscilla, how may I be of help to you?” a beautifullytexture American female voice answered

“Hi Priscilla, my name is Nwala, calling from Nigeria,I am a friend of Mr Daniel Osuji, and I have a veryimportant conversation I need to have with him. Is

there a way you can facilitate that?”

“Oh! I am sorry ma’am, if you are asking me for MrDan’s number, I am sorry I don’t have it, I am just oneof the customer service representatives, but you coulddrop your number and a message. I will relay to my


“Ok! Thanks Priscilla very thoughtful of you”

I dropped my phone number and told her the message

was simply “Nwala needs to speak to him urgently”

“Surname” Priscilla asked

“No need for that, he only knows one Nwala” I said


After I ended the call, I was draped in guilt all over,and my conscience spoke…

“I thought Nwala did not exist again, why resurrectNwala and the troubles that comes with her?”


I waited 3 working days before getting a call from aCalifornia. I was excited when I saw the number…

“Hello Daniel” I said assuming he was the one

“Good afternoon Mrs Nwala, this is not Daniel, I amClinton, his P.A., he asked me to reach out to you, todiscuss whatever business you want to do with thecompany”

My heart dropped…

“Please tell Daniel, what I want to discuss with himhas nothing to do with business, tell him, it haseverything to do with my life. Tell him for old timessake, he should please give me a call ASAP”

I ended the call very frustrated and Sad…

Part 32
Opeyemi Akintunde

I waited for another four days constantly checking myphone and the date.

On the 28th of May around 12 noon, my phone rangand I saw a pr!vate number. I did not need a seer totell me it was Daniel.

“Hello” I said careful not to call his name for fear of itbeen another person.

“Pastor Mrs Nwala!”

“Oh thank you lord, thank you Daniel for calling back.This means a lot to me”

“Wow! I never thought a day would come when youwould sound so excited to hear from me”

“Well, we never say never. I am calling because I needa huge favour from you. I know you are a busy personso I wouldn’t want to keep you on the line for so long”

“I actually have 10 minutes before I go in for anothermeeting. What’s the trouble in your paradise thatwarrants this call?” Daniel said with a rich masculine

tone giving rich man vibes.

“My childlessness…” I went straight to the point.

“Ok? You need money for IVF? Send me your account”

“No… I get pr€gnant but I end up having miscarriages”

“So how do I come in?”

“I need your forgiveness, I have a feeling you are yetto forgive me, and also there is a statement you usedto say that I believe is standing in my way of havingkids for my husband”

“That your womb belongs to me?”

“Yes! You remember?”

“Nwala, you expect me to forget? How can I forget

anything about you. You were my first investment inlife. The investment that crashed… I remember every

second, every minute, every hour, every day, everyyear I spent with you…”

“I am sorry”

“Sorry… Nwala sorry does not cut it for me… What’sthe sorry for? Sorry you left you for a rich lame man”

“Reuben is not lame”

“What do you call a man on a wheelchair”

“He is no longer on the wheelchair. Daniel for

whatever pain I caused you, God has shown you

goodness. You are a big man, who is married and havegood kids…”

“I am not married, neither do I have kids, and point ofcorrection, my handwork and resilience brought mehere not God!”

I didn’t know what to say anymore. He was hurt and Iknew I couldn’t achieve what I wanted to achieve…


“Yes, I am here”

“So what do you want from me?”

“I want you to reverse those words, and say it fromyour heart that you release me to have kids for myhusband”

“Ok, Nwala I release…”

“Please hold on, I no longer bear Nwala, I am nowBeauty…”

“Beauty? Why did you change your name? who gaveyou the new name?”

“My husb…”

“I can not call you what he calls you. I only know

Nwala, I don’t know


“I am still the same person, but Nwala means son of

the soil and Reuben means a son as well. It technicallymeans a man marrying a man, so that was standing inmy way of having kids”

“Oh my Days! Nwala, when did you become this fickleminded, you have allowed yourself to become one ofthe religious fools… You know what, I am running latefor my meeting. I can’t deal with this. I will be inNigeria in 10 days, let’s meet to deal with this…”

“Oh! That would be nice”

“Alright… I have to go… Bye Nwala”

He ended the call abruptly…

“Am I relieved?” I asked myself

“No… instead I feel more pressured, my heart feelslike stone.”

I became afraid…


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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