NWALA ; The Bittersweet Story (Part 29&30) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 29
Opeyemi Akintunde

“It’s been three years, Girl what’s happening?” June had said to me over the phone…

I knew what she meant; Reuben and I were yet to have our own kids. We were having s€xual int€rcours€, but no babies. Our inability to have kids had nothing to do with his disability; the doctor had assured me of that.

“God wants me to enjoy you enough, before our son comes in” Reuben would always say as a way of encouraging my weary soul.

“How long? Besides how do you know it will be a boy?”

“ I have seen him in my dreams, he is just like me dark skinned and tall, I am sure our girl will look like you” he said smiling

As usual he melted my heart.


Three years after that, I still was childless, but this childlessness had all f!ngers pointed at me. Within the six years, I can count four conceptions that ended in miscarriages. Reuben had been exonerated, especially with him standing on his two legs again.

Years of therapy had paid off, plus Reuben’s strong faith in God could not be overlooked as the major ingredient that got him back on his feet.

I couldn’t explain the cause of my miscarriages; we had tried all sorts to ensure no more miscarriages including complete bed rest. My mother was also going from one prayer mountain to the other, but no positive results.

My husband was a strong encourager…

“Babe, my son is still coming, don’t mind the devil, we will keep praying”

My father-in-law was simply the best; I believe Reuben was a carbon copy of his father. He was always calling to tell me, he was praying for me…

My husband was already pastoring his own province under his father’s ministry, so we only saw his parents occasionally. Seeing his mother was always dreadful for me… She was always quick to say…

“You lost the baby again?’

Well, one couldn’t blame her, Reuben was her only son, she was eager to see her grandchildren.

I didn’t hold her words to heart, until after I lost the fourth baby and she came visiting at the hospital. Reuben was not around to defend me, so she had the time and place to talk…

“Nwala, one would have thought, your childlessness would be Reuben’s fault because of SCI ( Spinal Cord Injury), but we thank God, that is history now. It is quite unfortunate that you seem to be the problem in your marriage. Nwala, you should get up and find solutions to your problems, who knows you may be under a curse… For instance, your name Nwala means “SON OF THE SOIL”… That is a problem” She said

I looked up very surprised!

“ Yes! As long as people keep calling you a son, you can’t have children. A man can’t carry a pregnancy. You should ask your parents why they gave you that name”

“They were expecting a male child” I supplied

“Can you see that? Nwala, when I was praying about these miscarriages, your name kept ringing in my ears, and when I researched the meaning, I was shocked, so daughter in law, change your name…”

She left but she had left a lot of questions in my head…

“Was I under a curse?”

“If I was under a curse, who could have cursed me?’

“Could Daniel be the source of predicament?”

“Was Daniel still angry with me?”

I wasn’t thinking along the line of my name being the problem, but that my childlessness was as a result of a curse sponsored by Daniel…


“Your mother-in-law said she has spoken to you about a change of name…” My Mother said

“Yes!” I replied. I couldn’t help but look strangely at my parents. I couldn’t help my disbelief.

“Are you also of the opinion that my name has something to do with my childlessness ?” I asked

“It’s possible” My Dad replied “I did a lot of things when your mother was pr€gnant to ensure that you came out as a boy.

“Your mother ate a lot of concoctions prepared by different herbalist to make you a boy”

“But they failed” my coconut head argued their point…

“Well, they failed physically, but it is possible spiritually your identity is that of a man. Nwala, you know you behave like a boy, you are very strong headed, I believe we need to reverse all that was done into making you a man”

“How?” I asked

“Through prayers and physically giving you a new name” my father said.

“Nwala, changing names is not a big deal, it’s for your own good. What you call someone is what the person becomes. Jacob had a change of name. When he became Isreal, his life became better. Jacob means supplanter, that is deceiver and that was what he became by cheating his brother out of his blessing. Simon became Peter, Saul of Tarsus became Paul…”

“I see you have made up your mind about this so what name do you want me to start answering?”

“Fruitful!” My mother said in a rush

“Really mum?” That way everyone will know, I am looking for a solution to my childlessness”

“What about Joy?” my mother tried again “Children bring Joy to a home”

At that point, I needed to get out of my parents’ house…

“Dad, Mum… Come up with any name you want. At least you were the ones who gave me the first name” I said

“I hate to leave, but I have to”

“You just got here” my mother said

“Mum, you call forty-five minutes just?”

I saw my father squeezing my mother’s hand to let me go…

“Daughter, as we will be praying on a new name, you should also do likewise…”

“Sure!” I bluffed, but I knew I was not giving it a single thought.

“ What does my name have to do with my fertility?” I said to my self

Part 30
Opeyemi Akintunde

I drove back home thinking about Daniel. I knew hewas probably still hurt, I had not heard from him inyears. After my phone call to him that day at thehospital, I saw him at his father’s burial, which wastwo months after our wedding.

At the burial ceremony, he didn’t even acknowledgethe presence of my family and I but his mother and

siblings did. My father had made it compulsory for usto go pay our last respects to Daniel’s father. I wasangry he didn’t even apologize for what he did toReuben.

Due to the cold shoulder I received at the burial,

coupled with the good life I was having with Reuben, Iforgot about Daniel…

I need Daniel to forgive me and lift any curse he has placed on me. I don’t need a change of name” I said tomyself.


On my wedding day, Amara had whispered in my ear.

“I was never interested in Reuben, that little act in

your room that day was planned by mummy and I. Weare happy it has paid off. A little jealousy sent youback to him”

I was surprised, but knowing who my mother was, itshouldn’t have surprised me…

“Well… thank you”

Initially, I was careful of drawing her closer to me

after marriage, but two years after I got married, shegot herself a God fearing sweetheart called Ikenna.

Their wedding was beautiful.

After her wedding, Amara gained my trust back andsince she was the closest family my age, we became


I could tell her just anything…Amara, are you home?” I asked her over the phone. Iwanted to share my thoughts about Daniel with her…



“You want to reach out to Daniel to reverse a curse

you think he issued against you?” Amara asked aftermy speech

“Yes, Amara, back in the days, Daniel used to say mywomb was his alone, and that only his children arepermitted to stay in my womb. Amara, I think that’swhat is happening to me. Reuben’s babies are notstaying in my womb. I have miscarried four times in

six years ”

“I understand you Nwala, but contacting him is not

important. Why do you need to contact him? You canreverse the curse by yourself in your room”

“No… we have to see face to face, so he can use his lipsto reverse it”

“Nwala, knock that thought OUT now! That’s the devilspeaking to you, that’s you trying to bring mess intothis beautiful life of yours”

“So how do I reverse the curse, if I don’t contact him?”

“Pastor Mrs Nwala, what happened to prayers on

breaking evil covenants. Nwala what happen to

prayers like…

‘Oh lord, break every evil soul tie or covenant betweenDaniel Osuji and I;

Oh lord, render to null and void, all promissory wordsspoken to each other that is hindering my fruitfulness. What happened to such prayer points backed up with

fasting?” Amara said to me

I was quiet, because Amara made a lot of sense…

“Nwala, what if Daniel is dead as we speak, will you goto the grave or the world of the dead to ask for hisforgiveness?”

“Definitely not”

“Exactly! Therefore imagine he is dead and out of yourlife, and take the case to God”

“Yeah… You are so right. Thank you” I agreed

We talked about other things including the change ofname…

“Spiritual matters can not be looked down on, it won’thurt to change the name, a lot of people change names

and afterwards their lives became better. I know a

few… I know an old roommate whose name was Linda,you know Linda means serpent, suddenly I saw that

she had change her name to Grace. I asked her why, she said for years she used to see a big serpent coming

to have s€x with her in her dream, but after changingher name prayerfully, she became free…


“I know a guy too, whose name was Ifafunmi, he was aChristian, but his name was giving glory to a diety, henoticed his life was a struggle. He prayerfully changed

his name from Ifafunmi which means “Given by Ifa”to Oluwafunmi “Given by God”, afterwards his life

became a fertile land…

Amara gave me a long lecture on changing names andunlike my parents, she made me see reason why I

should change my name…

“You should consider “Goodness” because Nwala, Godhas been good to you…

“Nah! It doesn’t sound chic”

Amara laughed, and we were about to continue ourgirl talk when the horn of her kid’s school bus blasted

in our ears… She had two girls, twins girls; Joy and



I was given a new name, and guess who did my

christening; Reuben’s Dad. This was after I did a threedays prayer and fasting program.

Reuben was indifferent about the name change; hewas ready to do what will bring smiles to my face.

Hewas the one who suggested my new name:

”Beautiful” He had said in the bedroom…

“People don’t bear Beautiful”

“Well, when I think of you, all I think of is how you

have made my life beautiful”

“Aww… thank you Reuben and when I think of you, allI hear in my heart is Joy… You have given me so muchJoy and peace…”

‘I have two new names then… Joy & Peace…” He

replied Laughing

“No let’s keep Reuben… I am now an expert in

checking for the meaning of people’s name… Reuben

means… Behold, a son!”

“Really, you are doing a lot of research, well for me Ilove Beautiful”

“Let’s use Beauty then…” I concluded


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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