NWALA ; The Bittersweet Story (Part 25&26) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 25
Opeyemi Akintunde

“Mum, he is paralyzed, and he told me the Doctor said they don’t know the extent of the damage.

Mum, the extent of the damage could be that he may not be able to make me feel like a woman” I said to my Mum

“Why are you thinking of the worst?”

“I am not thinking of the worst, I am just saying that if I don’t sle€p with Reuben before marriage to ascertain his s€xual ability, I can’t enter a marriage that I won’t enjoy”


In all sincerity, Reuben had been very positive in his recovery process.

The doctors had explained to us that the accident had affected Reuben’s waist and leg. The doctor believed with therapy; things could be better but not back to how things used to be.

Reuben’s Dad was very open minded towards me, but his mum did not mince her words at any given opportunity.

“If only Reuben didn’t visit Nwala at her school, he won’t have had this accident”

For Six months, I stayed true to our relationship, ensuring I was calling everyday and visiting him every weekend.

One day, we had a serious conversation after his mother had compliment me.

“Nwala, I must confess, you surprised me. I had thought that you would have dumped Reuben after the accident and gone back to your old boyfriend, but your dedication to your relationship is worth applauding. I can’t wait to see you both get married”

That last part of her compliment had been my headache for months. Since, we were Christians, s€x in courtship was not part of the courtship package, but I was scared for my future. That day after his mother’s compliment, I decided to take the horn by the bull. We were playing games in his living room. He was seated in his wheelchair…

“Reuben, I want us to make love” I said

Reuben looked at me very surprised…

“Why?… I mean sorry that should not be my response” he said laughing at himself.

“My response should be it’s not time baby” he said still laughing

“I can’t get married if am not sure about…” I said bluntly. The old me still was present. I didn’t have to complete my sentence; it was self-explanatory…

“Nwala, I believe the accident will not stop me from performing conjugal duties, though for now, I have weak erections in the morning, but the doctor assures me that with time along with other parts of the body that has been affected by the accident, they all will get better… Nwala, don’t you believe I will walk again?”

“The therapy has not done so much” I said truthfully

“I will walk again” Reuben said looking into my eyes deeply

“Amen! Reuben, I don’t have problem with your legs, I don’t mind marrying you if you never walk again, but what I want assurance for is.. Will you be able to make me happy on bed? I need assurance for that”

“And you think you can only get that assurance if I sle€p with you now?”


“Then, let’s break up!” I had never seen that Reuben before.

“Reuben?” That answer of his should have been a huge relief for me, but contrary to what I thought I should be feeling, I felt sad and at loss.

“Nwala, I can give you everything in the world, but I can’t hurt God because of you” Reuben said

“I would rather lose you than lose God” Reuben continued

I was quiet

“I can understand your plight, and honestly. I do not hold this against you. Your fear are legit and understandable. You are right, the therapy is not doing much, I thought by now I should be on my feet, but what can I say than to still say “Thank you Lord, that I am not dead” Nwala, don’t feel burdened or held down in the relationship by the guilt of “He is this way because of me” No! Nwala, this accident could have happened elsewhere” Reuben said and I could see that he was fighting back tears…

“I am the cause of your accident” I wanted to tell him. I wanted to tell him Daniel did it, but I didn’t have the nerve. Why? Did I still have a soft spot or pity for Daniel?

“Nwala, I release you from my heart. If you can not face this with me, then I release you, but please do not go back to Daniel. You deserve better than him”

A big lump had formed in my throat.My mouth refuse to say anything as I wept.

Part 26
Opeyemi Akintunde

I was back at the house. I was staring at the ceiling wondering what I ought to do.

A knock at my door intercepted my thoughts.

“Who is there?”


“Come in” I said

Amara settled in on my bed.

“Are you okay?” she asked

“I am fine”

“Can I discuss something with you”

“Shoot” I said

“Alright! Thank you. Nwala like you know, Life has throw lemons at me, and with God’s help through your family, I am gradually making lemonades out of it. For years after my parents died, I have come to terms to living off the remnants of others, No offense, but when mum goes shopping, and she gets you five tops for instance, she will generously get me two, but most times you usually end up not liking most of the wears and you give them to me. At this point, I think I don’t mind if you give me something you may not be using any more”

“Like what?” I asked


I lost her for some seconds. It felt like my brain froze. The effrontery! The well-articulated speech! The begging with Wisdom!

The trance or premonition about her and Reuben ending up together flashed before me…

“Amara, please leave my room!”

“I will leave after you tell me where you stand with him. You have not left this house for a whole week, that tells me there is trouble in your paradise”

“And you noticed I have not left this house in a week, and your insensitive self did not think of asking if all was well, instead, you came here to snatch my boyfriend. Well, since you came here to find out my relationship status, here is your answer… My relationship is fine… can you leave right now?”

“I know it is not fine”

“Amara! What is it? What do you want to hear” I yelled

“The truth!”

“Oh you think you can take what I drop? No you can’t take this, because this is beyond you…”

“Try me” Amara replied defiantly

I was losing it by the minute…

“Can you marry a man who may be relegated to the wheelchair forever?” I said making it sound like a big deal.

“You said “May be relegated”, you are not sure, if I were you, considering the fact that he is a Godly man, being on a wheelchair will be the least of my worries”

“So you wouldn’t mind not having kids? Amara! he is partially paralyzed from his waist down” I said screaming in frustration.

“At least he is only partly paralyzed, does that not give you hope that things will get better” Amara said defiantly again

“So while I wait, I won’t enjoy love making? Or how do you think r0manc€ and lovemaking will be with a partially paralyzed man?”

“Nwala, is marriage all about s€x?” Amara asked

“Is it not?”

“No… my dear, if marriage was only about s€x, why do women who give their husband good s€x not keep their homes? Nwala, which would you prefer, a wife-b€ater and emotionally abusive husband who is good in s€x? Or a good loving, caring husband who is not good in bed?”

“That’s a rhetorical question, the second option is the most logical one, but sweetheart what is marriage without good s€x?” I asked

“What is marriage without peace?” Amara answered my question with a question.

I went mute and that gave Amara the time to say more.

“Nwala, I would rather marry a man who is Godly, caring, loving and gives me peace, than a man who will eventually kill me before my time.

Don’t you think having peace and living a long life is better than a short life full of s€x”

“So Amara, you can marry an impotent man?”

“Yes… Nwala, what is impotency?” She asked

“Inability to make love to a woman” I answered

“No that is limiting it to one area of life. Impotency in a man is the inability of a man to meet his partner’s needs. And my dear, we have several needs: there is material needs, financial needs, emotional needs… Nwala, some men are financially impotent, but good on bed… Ask the wife how she is coping. Some men are emotionally impotent, they may be good on bed but the wife does not feel loved… Nwala, if a man is lacking in one area, you live with it and enjoy other areas he is potent and productive”

“How do I cope with this?”

“If I were in your shoes, I would take my mind off s€x, adopt kids, build and enjoy a friendship and love-based marriage”

“Your father and I have not had s€xual int€rcours€ in the last fifteen years because of your father’s health condition…”

My mother revealed herself from the corner she had been eavesdropping. She entered the room after the big revelation. I was shocked about the fifteen years. My parents still behaved like lovebirds, hugging and k!ssing themselves all over the house.

“S€x is part of the marriage pack, alongside friendship, peace, communication, love, and so on… It is not the main thing. Nwala, Amara came to me asking if I was serious about giving her Reuben if you were not interested, and I told her to come ask you personally for the last time. Just as I wanted a good life for you, so also I owe her a good life, her mother was my best friend, sister, helper, so Amara’s joy is important to me”

I stood staring at both of them with so much emotions tugging at my heart; from disbelief, betrayal, indecision all happening to me at the same time.

“Give me sometime to think about it” I replied

“How long” You have left him for a week, and this is the best time to get his attention. Now, he will be hurting and needing a friend…” Amara said

I couldn’t believe Amara had it all thought out.

“Give me a day” I said with a note of finality in my voice.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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