NWALA ; The Bittersweet Story (Part 15&16) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 15
Opeyemi Akintunde

” Hello Nwala! Are you there?” Reuben asked again.

” Yes!” I answered calmly

“Wow! I am so favoured today, you called me” Reuben said. Our 5 days of friendship was based on him calling me all the time. I never called…

“Reuben” I said firmly

“What’s wrong?”

“Did you tell your Dad about us?”

“Us?” He asked


“When you mean ‘us’, you mean our friendship?”

“No… your interest in me?”


A part of me was sad…

“You haven’t mentioned me to your Dad?” I asked again

“Yes… Why are you asking?”

“So… what’s this that you are doing?, Why are you asking me out if I am not important enough to be discussed about to your Dad… Reuben, are you trying to use and dump me?” I asked and there was a moment of silence that lingered…

“Hello… are you there?” I asked this time around


“Won’t you say something?”

“I am speechless because of how low you think of me. Nwala, I am a man who has never been with a woman s€xually and I intend keeping myself till marriage, so I am not after you for s€x” he said bluntly

“Then if you are saying the truth, why does your Dad want to see me after service tomorrow. I just got off the phone, Pastor Ben called me…”

“Whatever Dad wants to discuss with you has nothing to do with you and I, because I haven’t spoken to him about you. I wanted to get a positive response from you before raising my parent’s hope. You will be the first lady I will ever discuss with my father” He said

That made me feel special…

“The only family member that knows about my interest in you is my sister Miracle”


“And she speaks so highly of you”

“Yeah, we were friends wayback in teenage class before she relocated”

“Nwala!…” He said with a soft tone and I melted


“If you move me from the friendship zone to relationship zone today, before nightfall, I will tell my parents and anyone who cares to listen”

“Don’t get way ahead of yourself… Thanks for the clarification, but I still wonder what he wants to see me for”

“Well, if my guess is right, I think it has to do with what happened in church last week”



“Oh my God”

“Calm down, if I know my father well, he is not calling to harass you, I am sure he wants to advise you…”

“You are sure?”

“Yeah” He said and I became very calm.

“Can we talk about something more fun?” He suddenly said out of the blues

“Like?” I asked

“Like can I drop you off at your school?” He asked


“Please… at least we can talk all the way, I mean it will be a while before I see your beautiful face in church again”

“We will talk on phone”

“Nwala please, oblige me…”

“Your car can not take all my stuff, I was planning to use my Dad’s Tundra…”

“You are taking your Dad’s car to school?”

“Noo… I attend a pr!vate university remember, cars are not allowed”

“Oh! The driver drops you off. Let me be your driver tomorrow, I will get a Tundra”

“Why go through this stress?”

“Anything for my friend”

“Friend… hmm… I hear… Is this how you treat all your friends”

“I don’t have close female friends, so the only close female friend I have deserves all the love and care”

I laughed so loud…

“Gosh, Reuben you always have all the right answers…”

Part 16
Opeyemi Akintunde

“Devil, I have no blood to give unless you want the blood of Jesus” I heard Bishop saying before I entered his office.

Pastor Ben had told me to go in, but I stayed few minutes at the door trying to get my acts together, but in that few seconds, I heard a few things.

“Devil, I have no blood to give , unless you want the blood of Jesus, my soul is not yours” He said

I went back to Pastor Ben.

“Pastor, I think Bishop is praying?”

“No, he is expecting you… Come…”

Pastor Ben went ahead of me and knocked at Bishop’s office door.

“Yes come in”

Pastor Ben opened the door and asked me to go in. He shut the door behind me.

The last time I was in Bishop’s office was when I gained admission into the University and Mum had brought me for prayers…

“Nwala, you are such a big girl, the last time I saw you, was about three years ago”

“Yes sir”

“Have a seat”

“Thank you, sir”

“Ok, let’s get straight to it, last week, that young man was about to make a ridicule of you, I had to protend not to understand the real meaning of boyfriend and girlfriend”

“Yes sir… I am sorry sir, I didn’t know he was going to come to church”

“He came to prove a point?” He asked

“Yes sir”

“Tell me the situation between you both?” He asked

“He is a good person, we have known each other for years, since I was a child, and we started dating three years ago, but recently my mother has been against us”

“Is he genuinely born again?”

“No. last Sunday was a show, he only pretended to get my mum’s consent”

“Nwala, life will throw onions at you as you grow, especially in marriage, and what will determine if you will cry from the onions or you will make a great soup out of the onions is dependent on the partner you are with… A good man is not enough, A Godly man is … Nwala, as you spiritual Father, I will advise you stop dining with the devil, because the devil has nothing good to offer in the long run. Right now this boy may be giving you butterflies in your belly, but in the long run, he will give you belly pain if he doesn’t have Christ”

I sat quietly…

“That’s all I wanted to say to you” Bishop concluded

“Thank you sir”

“Any question? He asked

“No sir”

“Alright, let us pray… Dear father, I thank you for your daughter Nwala, help her to make the right choice for her destiny. Do not let her dine with the devil… Go and prosper in Jesus name”


I was checking my room for anything I might have forgotten, when my mother walked in. We had not spoken in the past five days…

“You are set!” She said

“Yes ma”

“The driver said you told him someone was coming to pick you up?”

“Reuben offered to drop me off… I believe you are happy mummy?”

“Not yet! I will be happy when you let go of Daniel and focus on Reuben for real, Nwala I know you, all you have been doing in the past five days can be a charade”

My mother knew me too well, a part of me was enjoying the friendship and all, but another part of me couldn’t wait to get back to school and settle with Daniel…

“Mum, I am trying to fake it till hopefully I make it… Right now, Reuben and I are friends, so let me observe him and decide if I want to choose him over Daniel”

“Thank you for your honesty,at least I know where to direct my prayers” Queen mother said…

“Mum, thank you” I said to her and I meant it .

I knew she wanted the best for me…


On our way to my school, I told Reuben I wanted to see Timo again before leaving. We had been seeing him everyday since Sunday, which was an opportunity for Reuben and I to hang out…

“You no be husband and wife?” (You are not husband and wife?) Timo asked when I told him I was going back to school, but my friend would always check up

“Your friend… me I think you are husband and wife, but uncle you like her very much, I see the way you look her… Timo said

“Oh you see it?” Reuben asked smiling

“Very well” Timo said laughing

“Don’t mind him Timo, he is my friend, I have someone I want to marry”

“But hope he love you like uncle?”

“Yes… very well, me and this other uncle have been in love since we were young”

“It doesn’t mean, my moda and fada, know each other from primary school, still they fight themselves till my fada die. Before my moda die, she tell me, before I put woman for house, make I ask God.”

The room was silent…

“And both of you fit yourself” Timi said

“Ok… thank you Timo… I need to be on my way” I said quickly…

“Ok … think about it”

“Sure, I will think about marrying Uncle Reuben” I said hugging him and waving him goodbye…


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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