NWALA ; The Bittersweet Story (Part 11&12) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 11
Opeyemi Akintunde

Thirty minutes later, one of the doctors came out with good news…

“He is st@ble”

“Wetin that one mean?” One of the hoodlums who insisted on waiting with us asked…

“It means, we have stopped the bleeding and stitched where he had injuries, he is sle€ping now”

“Ok, so he did not die?” he confirmed

“No., he is very much alive. Has his parents been contacted”? The doctor asked

“That one… no one know him family, na street hustler…” the hoodlum said

“Na we be in family” he


“Oh!Then you should get him food?” the Doctor said

“Me? Na the madam go sort him out, Madam make you thank your God say the boy no die, you for pay millions for his burial” the hoodlum said

I couldn’t believe my ears, the life of the hoodlums was not an enviable one, they were not even threatening to hand me over to the police, money was the threat…

“My brother, he won’t even die, and don’t worry, we will settle you to take care of him very well. First, take this one for your stress…”

I watched Reuben counting some five-hundred-naira notes amounting to ten thousand naira and handing it over to the hoodlum.

“She be your wife? Ha! You be good man” the hoodlum said

“She is my sister” Reuben answered quickly


“So, I will give you my number, anything you need, you can always contact me. I need to take her home too, as you can see that she is shaking” Reuben gave him his complimentary card

“Yes ooo, fear still dey her body” the hoodlum agreed…“Let me go and buy small food for him”

“No don’t worry, that money is for you, I believe the doctor and I will arrange his feeding”

“Ok, oga… Madam take care of yourself ooo… I wan go share good news say Timo no die” ( Ok Boss, Madam take care of yourself. Let me go share the good news with others)

The hoodlum walked sharply out of the hospital.

“That was well handled” The doctor said stretching out his hand for a handshake.

“I am Doctor Thomas”

“I am Mr Reuben…” Reuben said without supplying his surname. The doctor got the drift.

“Doctor, I believe your hospital can provide feeding?”

“Yes, we do”

“Okay… Please do everything you can do to ensure the boy gets back on his feet before returning him to the men”

“I understand”

“I will pay the necessary bill”

“Is there a form of Identity, because you can leave and never come back,?”

“Okay, I don’t usually do this, but this will be an exception. I am Reuben Acme…” Reuben said like he didn’t have a choice. I saw him differently in that moment. As against my perception of him, he was not someone who wanted to throw the weight of his Father’s name around.

“I knew I had seen the face somewhere… You look like your father. I Love the Bishop. He is a man of God I reverence”

“Thank you, All glory to God… but can you keep this between us, I don’t want my sister’s name getting into the papers or blogs, please inform your nurses”

“Not to worry, we understand client’s confidentiality”


He turned to me

“You should go home and rest… Amara do you drive?”

Amara nodded

“Cool… You should drive, she is in no frame of mind to drive… Nwala, there is nothing to worry about, you didn’t kill him.”

I nodded, that was the sentence to hear.

“You didn’t kill him”

“Amara, your car?” I asked

“It’s still at the church, I will pick it up tomorrow”

“Ok…” I replied

“Thank you so much Pastor Reuben” Amara said with a tone that sounded like she liked and adored him.

“We thank God” he replied

“Thanks” I forced the good girl in me out…

“Don’t mention” he said

Like our first date, Reuben followed us to the car…

“I would suggest this stays within the three of us“ he said

“Sure!” Amara replied “It’s better that way”

He wove us goodbye and returned to the hospital.

“Now I see why mummy prefers him to that clown” Amara said

“Amara… I don’t want to hear it” I shouted

I just wanted my peace…

I was just going to go straight to my room and shut my eyes close, but my mother didn’t let me , she was a mighty Roadblock to my sanity that afternoon.

I walked into the living room with my mother still in her church wear, on the phone with both of my elder sisters. It was a conference call…

“Here she comes… the child of disgrace, she brought that useless thing to come and do a fake giving of life to Christ, so I can let her marry him… Prostitute… Shameless girl, the stupid boy walked up to me after service saying nonsense…” “Mummy I am now born again…”

Tah, Nwala you are a waste of nine months…

Can you imagine, your shame has been made public, even in front of Bishop, the man who was supposed to be your father-in-law. Now everyone knows that my own child has an unbeliever as a boyfriend”

My mother burst into loud wailing…

“Mum calm down” I heard Chika saying over the phone

“Mum… Nwala will come around, and if she doesn’t leave her to her choice” my other sister said…

Amara rushed to my mother consoling her…

“Don’t worry Amara, you will marry Reuben, I will ensure it” she said

Amara looked perplexed, she didn’t see that coming, neither did I.

Knowing who my mother was, I knew she could do what she just said…

Part 12
Opeyemi Akintunde

“No mum, Nwala will marry Reuben, I will speak with her” Amara quickly declined

“You don’t want him too, birds of a feather” My mother said pushing Amara away from her…

Amara dragged me up the stairs to my room.


“Nwala… don’t cause me trouble… You know I have no mother and your mother is my only hope… I don’t want her thinking I am part of this your game”

“Amara, which game?”

“This game, this child’s play… It’s only a child that will prefer stick sweet to real food”

“I don’t get you”

“Pretend like you don’t, but I will spell it out, Daniel is stick sweet… he is your childhood love, your fantasy, but Reuben is the main food… he is the husband material… he is a keeper… I observed him all the way from the church to the hospital”

Amara recounted how she had seen him rushing to the car and how she had intercepted him…

“Nwala, did you see how he covered your mess” Amara stated

“A mess he created… my life was perfect with Daniel before he opened his mouth to mum”

“Well, if he created the mess, he is doing a good job at cleaning it…” Amara said

I was silent

“Nwala, take the backseat for a moment and observe these men’s driving skills… Tell me which one is likely to drive you to a safer destination… Daniel? Who made a public mess of you in church today or Pastor Reuben who covered your mess of almost killing a boy today? Tell me Nwala who do you think will be a better driver? Who should you entrust your life and future into his hand?” Amara asked and I went silent…

The answer was obvious…

Let me ask you Dear Reader, Who do you think would be a better driver just like Amara asked? My Stick Sweet or My Main Food? My Daniel or Reuben.

( Note: This Episode is deliberately short for meditating purpose. Let’s think over Amara’s Words)


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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