‘Not all scripts are from God’ – Actor Toluwalope Adegbo encourages drama ministers to study their scripts well before going on film locations

Abattoir Movie star, Pastor Toluwalope Adegbo has emphasized the importance of thoroughly studying scripts before acting them out.

Toluwalope Adegbo urged fellow drama ministers to not only focus on their own scenes but to also understand the heart and intentions of the scriptwriter.

He also highlighted the importance of knowing the scriptures for oneself and understanding what the Bible says about a particular subject matter.

This message serves as a reminder to all drama ministers to be discerning and intentional about the scripts they choose to bring to life on stage and in movies.

In his words;

“As a drama minister, please read and read and thoroughly STUDY the script you are to act in .

Know exactly what you are about to be a part of. Don’t just study your own scenes alone, kindly seek to know what is behind the writers heart.

E get why ooooo. Know the scriptures for yourself. Know what the scriptures says concerning a subject matter because not all scripts are truly from God..

Sometimes by STUDYING a script, it’s obvious the writer of that particular script doesn’t have a secret place.

The story might be intriguing but does it carry the very life of God because it’s only life that can begat life”