“Nobody is buying” – Fruit juice vendor emotional as she pours away spoilt drinks (VIDEO)

Fruit juice vendor emotional as she pours away spoilt drinks

A touching video has ignited a conversation on social media after capturing the emotional struggle of a vendor. The heartbroken vendor was seen disposing off what was left of unsold fruit juice.

The video, shared on social media, quickly gained attention due to its relatable nature. The caption accompanying the video reflected the emotional toll experienced by vendors when faced with the disappointment of not making sales.

The clip sparked a significant discussion on social media platforms, with netizens expressing empathy and sharing their own experiences. Many have taken the opportunity to raise awareness about the challenges faced by vendors, particularly during difficult economic times.

The emotional impact of not being able to sell their products resonated deeply with both vendors and consumers alike.

@etz_high_dee reacted: “Kudos to her. Many individuals might have chosen to continue selling, even with the knowledge that the products had spoiled. However, she demonstrated courage by deciding to dispose of them, prioritizing the well-being of her customers over potential profit or loss.”

@sleepwear_nig said: “For the people asking her to give it out or sell at a low price. It’s spoilt already!!! She’ll only be ruining her business by giving it out o.”

@maleficent_mama2 said: “Why throwing it away. Your sense did not tell you to give people for free. And when they have the taste of it They might call you and patronize you. Some of you just need sense to reason things.”

@teeto_olayeni said: “See if you see any business owner right now, abeg give them a hug and some money. Running business in this country is a ituwr sport.”

@_sweet_annie said: “Omohh. Being an entrepreneur should be among the 7 ways to die because.”

See the video below:

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