“No one is leaving this relationship” – Boyfriend says after girlfriend sends breakup message, chats leak


Boyfriend says after girlfriend sends breakup message, chats leak

A TikTok video posted by user @chidimmaaaa1 has gone viral, featuring a screenshot of her WhatsApp conversation with her boyfriend.

Chidimma had pranked her boyfriend, claiming that she was done with their relationship to see what his reply would be.

She captioned the post, “Pov: you told ur boyfriend you are done.”

Boyfriend reacts as girlfriend pranks him with break-up message

After reading the message, her boyfriend’s response surprised her and captured the attention of viewers.

He declared their bond as unbreakable, referring to themselves as “super glue,” and affectionately called her his wife.

He concluded the message with a sticker of someone sending a kiss, adding a sweet touch to the conversation. In his words; “We be super glue. Nobody is leaving. U are my wife.”

Netizens express desire for similar devotion

The TikTok post has resonated with netizens who found the exchange relatable and heartwarming.

Many users expressed their longing for a relationship characterized by such unwavering devotion.

@dhar mie said: “Am I a potatoes?”

@tasha commented: “When me and person go be superglue.”

@BAD INFLUENCE said: “My man every time my evil spirit possess me.”

@Ella brown said: “He’s a good man savannah.”

@NANAYAA said: “This is me every 5min am packing n he will be like u not leaving, Aswear.”

@lamlayor reacted: “If he’s not like this I don’t want him.”

@BBY reacted: “We be Super glue.”

@y’allmeetbisola2 said: “The sticker at the end.”

@Dianeee said: “My own will tell me is there anything wrong with me n we die here together forever.”

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