No money, No car, everything na audio – Chef Dammy says as she seek for funds (Video).

Nigerian chef, Damilola Adeparusi, has spoken up about the donations made to her following the completion of her 120-hour cook-a-thon.

In a trending video, the young student dismissed claims that she received numerous donations from several Nigerians.

According to her, the total amount she has received so far has not even gotten to N2 million yet.

She went ahead to refer to the online donations as ‘audio money’ while revealing that she wasn’t also given a car as people believed.

Speaking further, she politely appealed to her fans all over Nigeria to send money to her account. In her words: “I’m here to address the issue going on.

The car, the money and all. I heard I was given a car. I pray it comes o. There’s nothing like car o. And the money.

All the money that came in after the 120 hours is not up to N2 million. Please send me money. Come to my DM. I will answer you.”

While some netizens bashed the chef for begging for money, others had different things to say.

Simply__musah said: “A 300 Level student who’s currently studying Mass Communications cannot express herself eloquently and freely in English without mixing it up with her Native language. That’s a shame.”

Mheenarh__ commented: “The number 1 help you need is to take catering classes no be car. Set your priorities straight and stop being delusional.”

Theladycarolineossaiofcanada reacted: “Most of una for this comment don change mouth o. I thought the sky was big enough for everyone; and that she was a chef and there was nothing wrong with what she was doing. Hahaha. If delusional were a person.”

Balo_ng wrote: “If they want to help the girl, they should consider enrolling her in a reputable culinary school where she can learn the proper techniques.

It’s important to remember that she’s not a professional chef, so pushing her into that role wouldn’t be helpful. Instead, let them focus on providing her with the necessary skills and knowledge by enrolling her in a kitchen school.

It’s not fair to put her in a position where she’s unprepared to meet the demands of an opportunity that she doesn’t necessarily need.”

Golddesire_oma stated: “She is a crook. This is another means of making money for this people now, and please who are her fans cos she keep mentioning fans up and down. Must you receive fund? We tell you to go and cook? Onye osi.”

Mheenarh remarked: “Dammy think say na BBN she do.” Nekie_neka said: “She’s not even ashamed of using “GWR” scope to become a low budget beggy beggy.

“If you want to gift me something” as if she deserves to be gifted something. Somebody that needs to be flogged back to school.”

Bishy.opeyemi wrote: “No we gotta give it to her, her sense of humor is top notch. All of una wey talk say she no fit talk, she’s innocent, someone is pushing her yenyenyen just Dey play.”

Abiola.deb added: “You see those two stupid strands of hair that keeps hanging down either cut it off or put it away it’s very annoying oh and I’ll pay you a good amount of money if you never ever cook again!”