‘No matter the result, I will be glad I did my part’ – Joshua Mike-Bamiloye says as he flaunts his PVC

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye of Mount Zion Faith Ministries has taken to his twitter page to make his fans know that he will also be contributing his quota come 2023 to vote rightly.

Sharing a picture where he posed with his Permanent Voters Card (PVC), Joshua Mike-Bamiloye noted that he will do his best to patriciate in the forthcoming election scheduled to hold February and March, 2023.

Writing further, he he said even if the results go out of what he hoped for, it would be said of him that he did his part by voting right.

In his words; First it was “God when” Then it turned to “God God, When When” Then it was “Olórun nígbàwo” Was about to switch to Hausa when it turned into GOD NOW No matter the outcome, I’ll be glad to know I did my part.

However, many of his fans who read in between the lines replied that they got the message he passed across.

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye reveals the safest place to be

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye has finally came to the conclusion that despite the tragic events happening all around the world even at places humans assume to be safe, yet there is a place whose safety cannot be compared to anywhere in the world.

According to Independent News, the safest place to live in the world is Iceland. Statistically speaking, Iceland may be the safest place to live, but can one live there or anywhere else safely.

Solving this puzzle of where could be the place one can feel secure the most, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye has concurred to Warren Wiersbe’s conclusion that the safest place to be in the world is in the will of God.

Jaymikee who took to his twitter space also wrote; There is no safe place than the center of God’s will
Warren Wiersbe also wrote;  The safest place in all the world is in the will of God.

“There is nothing wrong in it if Gospel artists charge for their concerts & performances” – Joshua Mike-Bamiloye

Gospel film editor and music producer, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye a.k.a Jaymikee has stated that there is nothing wrong when a gospel artists request for money as compensation when invited to minister at events.

This came on board following a question asked by a twitter user with the username @sammiesaliu asking if it is ‘okay’ when gospel music artists ‘charge people’ just to ‘worship God’.

He further registered that some gospel artists go the extent of having categories of seats that suits the ticket they purchase.

Responding to this, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye shared his opinion as he stated that a gospel artist has the right to charge except God is insisting such minister makes it free. He revealed that there is no free concert anywhere as those posing free are being sponsored by ‘kingdom financers’.

He also noted that the negativity attached to money related matters with gospel ministers should be stopped because the works of the gospel needs money to run freely without friction.