“No makeup, no jewelry” – Netizens praise Moses Bliss’ fiancée

moses bliss and his fiancee

A media personality known as Blossom Martins has heaped praises and accolades on Moses Bliss’s fiancée.

Taking to Twitter, she expressed how beautiful Moses Bliss’s fiancée was. She also stated how the girl did not adorn herself with material things like a 500 million Naira wig, makeup or even jewelry for her to stand out.

She also disclosed how the girl in question did not need to wear designer clothing and praised her for not being an Instagram clout chaser.

Media personality Blossom Martins went on to congratulate Moses Bliss for his beautiful fiancée who is reportedly from Ghana.

“Blossom Martins © @blossommarti… 6m

No 500 million wig. No makeup. No Jewelry. No designer clothing. No instagram clout chasing. Just a girl chasing Jesus and her career!!

Congratulations Moses bliss .. Ghana truly won Nigerians in this one”

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Recall that last year, Moses Bliss had cried out over being single. It all started when rumors started to spread that he was married and that he even had a child.

He immediately came out on social media to blatantly deny the rumors, expressing that he was very single and was ready to mingle.

While a lot of netizens are surprised at the timeline between his announcement that he wa single and his current engagement, the congratulatory messages has continued to troop in.

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