No customer in 2 months – Lady weeps after using savings to start hair business

A Nigerian lady identified as @preciouskosi55 on TikTok has lamented bitterly over her new hair business.

In the sad video, she revealed that she used her life savings to start the business two months ago but hasn’t made any sales.

Precious broke down in tears in the clip as she displayed the goods she purchased for sale. She wrote:

“It’s been 2months since I used my life savings to start a new business and have made no sales yet keep posting.”

Reactions as lady cries over new business without sales

The video has gone viral on social media, with many people expressing sympathy for Precious and offering words of encouragement. Many others shared the video to help her business get off the ground.

@Renew Maxwell said: “Go to club, beach, school and even church meet them one after the other and introduce yourself to them trust me you will thank me later.”

@Beny Empire Skincare said: “2months?? This is ur humble beginning,, it won’t be easy but don’t give up and it will pay off.”

@Brownbelema reacted: “How much do you sell them?”

@Ella commented: “Keep going dear don’t give up.”

@Thrift with shop Abi reacted: “My current state right now, bought goods and I haven’t sold ,my dear it’s God all the way.”

@divaafaith6 said: “How much for 1? Me am a stylist I can advertise to my customers for you and sell for u too.”

@Sylvia said: “Don’t give up boo.”

@Dfw lovee commented: “Babes I started selling perfumes. Getting to a year now but no serious sales, we keep hoping on God.”

@Delina reacted: “Same here I shipped female wears and accessories bt haven’t even sold any since 4months now.” @Themieee_xx said: “It’s always like dat at d beginning of every business.. don’t give up.”

@ANGEL OKONKWO said: “Relatable …buh with time you won’t regret it. It’s just 2months.”

@Nemi reacted: “I wish u good sales from today.”

@Serena commented: “How much is it? i want french curls.”

@dorcasmensah657 reacted: “Pray, everything will be fine, I have been in this situation before, you feel like stopping but don’t stop, keep posting your products and trust God.”

Watch the video below:



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