“No conflict between me and Woli Agba” — Femi Ajewole, Alfa Sule

You became a household name with your hit, Alfa Sule, later turned to Oti Gan Pa. It seems that is your only work that people fell in love with. How has it been?
I will not agree with that. There are series of other works that were hits and impacted many lives. Aside this, we have been going for programmes from one place to the other to minister as the Holy Spirit has been giving us directives.

We are not relying on past glories. At the same time, we have been working according to the directive of the Holy Spirit. The project we are working on at the moment is entitled; Ago (Image) and we have been receiving testimonies towards the production, in less than a month of its release. This is a mandate that God has deposited in our hands and we cannot afford to take it with levity.

The unique thing about your brand is comedy through dance drama. Yet, it doesn’t lose the focus of propagating the gospel, what has been the secret behind this?
It is one thing for you to discover the plan of God for your life and another to work towards fulfilling the purpose of God in your life. I discovered that it is important for me to evangelise. It might not be my will, but as far as it is the will of God, I have to adhere to it. I have the privilege to make people laugh and at the same time fulfill that aspect of evangelism. It’s a great privilege and God has made us stand out with the brand.

There are people that come to me for prayers. I see all these as God’s grace. He has been helping us, so far, as a ministry. I think it can only be the grace of God to be able to make people laugh and the same time minister the gospel to them.

Some people are of the opinion that ‘evangelism-comedy’ is a distraction. How will you react to this?
Distraction could be positive. Many people believe distraction is negative. However, in most cases, if one is not careful, he or she might not fulfill the purpose of God as a result of distraction. And they would think they were still working for God.

Most times, when we go for ministrations, there is always a change in the atmosphere along the line. The beginnings of our ministrations are always funny. But the Holy Spirit, in His own way, always captures the heart of the people and they would give their lives to God at the end of the ministration. It is, indeed, a salvation tool.

So, it is not a distraction, inasmuch as it is fulfilling God’s purpose. We have the backing of God. So, most times, we receive testimonies from people that our ministration has affected their lives positively.

I told God I don’t want to entertain people in whatever I am doing; I want to bring solutions to the problems of people through meaningful ministrations.

Since the conception of Alfa Sule, you have not deviated from the way you started. What has kept you going?
The grace of God has been my source of strength. Remove the grace of God from my life and the ministry, then, we are nothing. I depend on God for scripts; I don’t buy scripts. It Is the Holy Spirit that has been my source of inspiration.

I do ask for God’s directive and there are times I get inspired through the word of God. It has been divine grace, especially now that I am beginning to know more about God and also having a better understanding of Him. There was a time we were invited to minister in a club and we were offered N1 million, but we had to decline because the concept and where we were asked to come and minister was against the will of God.

It is not as if we were arrogant, but we have to ensure we don’t deviate from God’s directive. We preferred to attend an unpaid ministration in a church to such offer.

What challenges have you faced since you started your ministry?
There are lots of challenges, but the grace of God has been sufficient for us. We were attacked by robbers on the Lagos–Ibadan highway in 2012 and 61 bullets were shot at us. The incident was widely reported, because a lot of people could not believe how we survived it. Interestingly, in 2018, we found another bullet in the bus, logged in the air conditioner. We thank God for bestowing the grace to overcome challenges that come our way.

Have you been able to achieve your aim through this ministry?
I believe I still have a lot to achieve. I have not taken this ministry round the whole world. I trust God that things will work according to His will for me to spread the gospel and the ministry He has placed in our hands to every corner of the world.

There are speculations that you and your younger brother, Ayo Ajewole a.k.a Woli have separated. Some even said your relationship has not been cordial since he left your group. How true is this?
There is time for everything and no matter what, as a good father, even when you have a mansion, you would not want your child to live under you forever. You train your child to be able to achieve more and then allow him to go out and have a real life experience. A good leader makes people.

He discovered his gift and I cannot stop him from using his gift. The best thing to do is to encourage him to use his gift. I have the vision of dance drama ministry; Ayo Ajewole has his own vision too and to make things easy, I allowed him carry on with his vision and he is doing well.

The vision is strictly gospel, but what your brother does now seems to be different. Is this the original vision of the dance drama group?
I take directives from God because He gave me the vision of a dance drama ministry. I called him (Woli Agba) to be a part of it and he played a role. I cannot force my own vision on him. He is not doing dance drama.

Did you give him the freedom?
Yes, Ayo Ajewole has my prayers and blessings to follow his path and I wish him well. Woli Agba is my brother and our relationship will definitely be cordial; this cannot change. I have no grudge or misunderstanding against him. When the time came for him to go his way to be established, I gave him my blessings. As for the rumor going around, I want to use this medium to state clearly that there is no conflict between me and my brother.