No call, no text – Man locked girlfriend out for visiting without notifying him.

A Nigerian man, @sauceprince_takingover, made an example of his girlfriend after she flew into Ilorin from Lagos to his place without telling him beforehand.

Without welcoming her, the young man enquired what she was doing at his place and slammed her for not calling or texting before coming.

Brandishing the door’s key, he directed her to return to her mother’s house as he won’t open the door.

“You just carry bag from Lagos dey come Ilorin. Na even flight she carry. Na flight. Oga, they no dey do like that,” he fired at the lady.

All appeals by the lady were brushed aside as he continued to video her before returning inside. Inside, he continued to criticise her for paying him a surprise visit.

According to him, things are not done that way. His video caused a stir on TikTok.

Nigerians support his action

Lilmomma said: “Another girl dey that house.”

Njoku Felicia said: “Let her go back to her mama house oooo.”

Tbusiness said: “Let her stay outside.”

MA MA said: “Oga allow her enter,with ur long mouth.”

MAGIC FINGER said: “You be wicked guy you know say you go do that to her and you ask her out na because you get another one na why shame on you.”

@ Mimi_Beauty093 said: “You aren’t serious bro.. I do go my boyfriends house without informing him and he will still be happy seeing me without any question.”

EMMANUEL said: ”They should know their boundaries.”

Watch the video below:


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