There is nothing more heartening than knowing that you’re not alone Nkem Owoh breaks silence on daughter’s death

Nollywood actor, Nkem Owoh has made his first official statement following the loss of his daughter.

Kemi Filani reported that the veteran lost his 24-year-old daughter on June 28, after battling liver cancer.

Two months after her demise, her family buried her on August 24th, at her father’s hometown in Enugu State.

Now taking to his Instagram page, Nkem expressed gratitude to all for the love and support they showed him and his family.

He stated that when tragedy strikes, there’s nothing more heartening than knowing that you’re not alone.

The veteran added that his daughter’s death is a change that he didn’t anticipate, and he is feeling an acute sense of loss.

However, he knows that with the encouragement he has been receiving, he will get through it.

“I want to thank you all for the support and love shown to me and my family. When tragedy strikes, there is nothing more heartening than knowing that you’re not alone.
It was with deep gratitude that I received your note, and calls with condolences. We have seen many changes over the years. But this is a change I did not anticipate and I am feeling an acute sense of loss.
However, I know that because of your encouragement, I will get through this time. Thank you for helping to push me through my grief”.

Man calls out Nkem Owoh for abandoning his family

Recall that Nkem Owoh had been called out for abandoning his family, which allegedly led to the death of his daughter, Kosisochukwu.

A man in a video that made rounds online alleged that the actor had been unkind to his family and had refused to fulfill his responsibilities as the head of the household.

The man who claimed to be related to the wife of the actor accused him of prioritizing his career over his family.

According to him, the actor’s late daughter, Kosisochukwu had died battling liver cancer and countless times begged her father to sponsor her treatment abroad, but he did nothing until she eventually lost the fight.

He claimed that whenever Nkem Owoh is called to render assistance, he claims he’s busy with work on movie sets.

He further alleged that the actor and his wife had been separated for more than 15 years which made him abandon the children with their mother.