Nigerian woman cries out as hubby sends her packing for farting in his presence

A woman has gotten netizens emotional after sharing her heartbreaking ordeal at the hands of her husband.

The sad woman in a recent interview, tearfully opened up about the long-lasting domestic abuse she faced at the hands of her husband who turned her into a punching bag.

The woman, who is from Ibadan, said that her husband never ceases to assault her since they married.

According to her, several people have begged him on her behalf to stop, but he told them that things will get worse if they keep on begging him.

She further revealed that she called his family members to talk to him but they noted that they are tired of begging him to stop.

The woman went ahead to recount the last incident that happened which led to her being sent packing from her home.

While at her shop with her husband, she suddenly farted and this infuriated her husband became angry who reiterated that he will deal with her for farting. He then sent her packing with their kids.

Since then, she has been doing menial jobs to feed her kids as she had no job before the incident. Reactions as husband sends wife packing for farting.

The story has sparked reactions from netizens who expressed their shock and anger at the woman’s ordeal.

@maryvenia said: “Why would you do such a disgusting thing. But that aside I don’t think that should be the base of divorce guess he has been tired of your disgusting attitude. Some ladies don’t have self respect.”

@thefoodnetworknig2 reacted: “The man already promised his Judy that he will chase his wife out, he had to look for the quickest excuse.”

@srigeorgeom commented: “Accidentally farting in front of your husband without permission shouldn’t be sufficient grounds for him to end the relationship.

There might be an unnoticed event or another underlying issue that needs to be explored and understood. The situation warrants investigation before jumping to conclusions or making hasty decisions.”

@empathmum said: “He already had deep rooted hatred for you. He was only looking for an excuse.”

@priscillia_oluchi_ reacted: “He obviously has been tayad of the union before now. He just mad that there is no reasonable thing he would hold on to as a reason to end the union.”

@judgementdayiscoming_ said: “Am sorry but this is what I can do, lowkey a lot of men are like this but won’t say.

Why will you be farting anyhow in front of your spouse, no matter how you want to put it, it makes the man lose attraction.

Imagine when he eats the plate, and remember you just fart anyhow. Women pls don’t think it’s a good thing, na one of the ways feelings Dey die.”

@meetemmanueljacob said: “When someone wants to get rid of you, they won’t hesitate to use the slightest inconvenience to further their agenda. The husband was already tired of the wife.”

 @queen_ashleyyyn commented: “Where are my fellow stomach ulcer patients at? Our stomach dey always full of gas. We dey fart loud ones wella. Hallo.”

@queensusz commented: “My husband knows he can’t fart in my presence. Farting isn’t a flex or love language so I understand why your husband took that drastic decision.

Drink water, eat pineapples and spinach, eat tiger nuts too and your intestines will be clean. I made it clear from day1 that farting in my presence will make me develop h8red. I don’t publicly fart too.”

@officialbobbyfredrick__ said: “Lol people who marry very serious people need love n prayers.”

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