Nigerian security narrates how he returned with nothing after 20 years abroad, gets 500K (Video)

After getting almost N500k in response to his account of how he spent 20 years abroad in five different nations but came home empty-handed, a Nigerian security guard in his mid-50s breaks down in tears.

An emotional narration from an elderly man who had spent decades traveling was captured in a video that has been making the rounds on social media.

The individual claimed to have worked hard to support himself while living abroad, mainly in Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Japan, and China.

He claimed that despite years of hard work and diversifying his exports businesses, he was still unable to support himself.

The security officer confirmed that at one point, shortly after leaving Nigeria to begin a career as a security officer earning N50K per month, he decided to return home empty-handed.

After the interview, the video went viral, and the man was fortunate to receive numerous credit alerts totaling more than N500K.

Additionally, he disclosed that he had received calls from various people throughout the world offering to help him, including the offer to fly him back abroad.

He prayed for the content producer who told the world about him as his delight overflowed.

Watch the video below …


Baba wasted 15-20 years of his life in asian country by entrusting his life savings to w*cked people who drained him financially and ended up being a security guard in Nigeria. Don’t trust people with your wealth especially when you’re in overseas @mufasatundeednut #vir

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THE NEW CHAPTER From #0 to 536,000 and still counting He’s status is changing and he’s about to retrieve his lost old savings back. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO UNTIL THE PEOPLE WHO PROMISE TO FLY HIM BACK TO ASIAN COUNTRY SEES IT. #viral

♬ original sound – a.a_clown