Nigerian pastor bans paying of tithes and offering in his church, gives reason (VIDEO)

Church members rejoiced as their pastor announced a ban on tithes and offerings. A video from the church service where the pastor made the declaration was shared on Facebook by Mienpamo Onitsha Saint.

Pastor said Holy Spirit directed him so In the clip, the pastor first challenges people who can give N5k or N2k to come forward and then directs them to give the money to their family members or neighbours going through hardship.

In his words:

“…This is not the time to tell you to bring offerings, bring tithes, or bring anything. When we are done praying, you can go home “Even if you have, I want to believe there are people in the house where you live that do not have anything to eat…”

Next, he spoke on the issue of tithes and offerings and put a ban on it, citing the Holy Spirit’s directive and the economic situation in the country.

He said: “And Holy Spirit asked me to tell you this is not the time for us. Until this trouble of money, money money, not seeing money, not seeing money is over, forget about offering and tithes in this church. “Go and manage the little you have.”

Okocha Matthew said: “Instead of you apologising to Nigerians, you are busy trying to look nice among other pastors.”

Oladapo David said: “That is an insult, why called them out when you don’t need their money, telling them to go and spend the money on their family members. That is hypocrisy, you shouldn’t have called them.”

Bolaji Arowolo said: “It’s unfortunate u laid d foundation of tribalism. How I wish d tribalism candidate u prophecy for your members to vote for is remembering d poor masses.

“But they are buying yacht SUVs and building houses for themselves, traveling in large convoy with sons and daughters. “But dem say make d poor masses tighten their belts.”

Humble Atilade Dada said: “I respect you sir.But you need to sensor some of your words on the pulpit. You have done well, with your act today but your last statement “ I know some people will hate…….” There is no need for that sir.”

Mr Active Entertainment said: “You should be ashamed of yourself, you not a pastor, stop deceiving your congregation, you are a tribalistic pastor, Jesus wasn’t a tribal bigot, you should repent for deceiving the crowd all in the name of being a pastor.”

Blessing S. Ekoke said: “All these are tricks to make the public believe them, u can only know their fraud when you go for their counselling.”