Nigerian man who was abandoned at age 2, lost his mom at 22 becomes CEO

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Nigerian man who was abandoned at age 2, lost his mom at 22 becomes CEO

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A Nigerian man, Eyitayo O, has taken to his LinkedIn page a few days to his 33rd birthday to appreciate God’s grace upon his life as he has had to deal with many struggles

Eyitayo’s father abandoned him and his mum when he was just two years old, leaving his mother as his only backbone.

I created something despite everything

At 22, his mother passed away. His life was so full of ups and downs, but despite all his challenges, the man succeeded in life and founded a tech company called Utiva.


In his post, he said:

“I will be 33 in the next few days. It’s been 33 years of God’s grace! And 11 years since I lost my mom and the responsibility of life and family leadership fell on me.

Abandoned by my dad at the age of 2, lost my mom at 22! I dedicate Utiva to my mom- she taught me entrepreneurship! 

If you have never failed or experienced a low moment, you will never know some life principles. I have failed on many fronts and when I count my failures, I am always grateful to God for the grace that has kept me.

I ran a company that went totally out of cash and couldn’t sustain and pay salaries.

We were totally blacked out of the market and couldn’t do business again. Reached out to many folks that I thought were friends and family, and many people disgraced me. Grace brought me up again, and God showed up through his faithfulness. 

If you asked me to summarise my wisdom of age 33, I would say: You will fail many times and make mistakes, most of those you have helped will come after your head and the world will reject you. Learn to be calm in the face of adversity and let God show up for you.”

About the challenges he faced running a company, he said there was a time the outfit ran out of money and paying salaries was impossible.

Rely on no one but God

Eyitayo stated that when he reached out to friends and family for a bailout, he was disgraced. He attributed all his success to God. The young CEO advised people to always remain calm when they are faced with tough times and rely on God to pull them through.

GFNG compiled some of the reactions to his post below:

Emmanuel Samuel: “Inspiring! Thanks for sharing… PS: There’s just something about we July folks ; Happy birthday to us in advance.”

Ados Odeka said: “Truly Inspiring. A super happy birthday in advance.”

Yomi Adebo said: “Congratulations. Keep making more happen, even in the midst of obstacles and challenges. Do it well, good would come to you, do it right and you would always be on the right path to greatness…”

Moses Ihiabe said: “Eyitayo O Congratulations brother, happy birthday in advance…”

Stephen Ijoma said: “This is touching and inspiring, life itself is full of uncertainties, but what makes us who we are is the braveness of never to stay low, never to abide by law of failures.”


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