Nigerian man who graduated with 2.2 emerges as best student in European University after overcoming 16 U.S, UK rejections

Ifeanyi Obi, a Nigerian man who graduated with a 2.2, has become an inspiration to social media users with his extraordinary academic success story of emerging as the best student in a prestigious European university.

Despite graduating with a 2.2 in his undergraduate studies, Obi defied the odds and emerged as the best student in a prestigious European university.

Obi shared his incredible journey on his LinkedIn page.

He revealed that his academic performance, reflected by his 2.2 undergraduate degree, initially presented a significant obstacle in his pursuit of further education.

His applications to foreign universities, including renowned institutions in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, were met with rejection.

Undeterred by these setbacks, Obi turned his attention towards a European university.

Despite the challenges, he applied and successfully secured admission to pursue his studies.

Motivated to prove himself, Obi approached his academic journey with unwavering determination and commitment.

To the astonishment of many, Obi not only surpassed his previous academic performance but also emerged as the best student in the European university.

Four years later, Obi’s hard work and outstanding performance led him to the position of an associate professor.

Moreover, his software, BuildTech, gained approval from a prestigious UK body, opening up new avenues of success for him.

This accomplishment resulted in Obi obtaining a special visa to establish a software lab in London.

He wrote;

“I graduated with honours(2:2) for my undergraduate studies, which wasn’t an excellent feat. This was due to personal issues and strangely struggles against words spoken to me by a Prophet that I won’t do well academically if ever I chose that path.

“I applied to 3 Universities in the UK for my Masters studies and got rejected. With that I applied to other Universities in USA, Canada and got rejected as well. With over 16 rejections, I proceeded with great determination to Cyprus to study.

“I told myself I only could turn my story around. With increased focus and developed study patterns, I graduated with High Honours(3.8) for my Masters Studies and was offered a place for PhD and with same determines and few mistakes aswell, I graduated as the best student that year and was the Valedictorian.

“Last year my software in BuildTech got approved by the UK endorsement body and this year obtained an Innovator Migrant Visa to establish a software lab in London.”