Nigerian man converts petrol engine to gas, car catches fire on highway (Video).

A video, shared by Michael Sunday on TikTok has stirred a heated debate on social media platforms as per the risks associated with converting traditional fuel-powered vehicles to gas using a cylinder.

The video, which has made it to headlines shows a car engulfed in flames and emitting plumes of smoke as it struggles to maintain stability on the highway.

Concerned onlookers can be seen attempting to douse the raging flames by pouring water under the vehicle, highlighting the severity of the situation.

In his accompanying caption, Michael Sunday, the individual who shared the video, issued a heartfelt plea to fellow Nigerians, urging them not to convert their fuel-powered cars to gas with a cylinder installed underneath.

He wrote;

“Don’t convert your car to gas with cylinder under.”

Netizens Reactions…

@FIRSTBORN commented; “If not greediness wetin make you convert corolla wey no dey chop fuel to CNG.”

@idrisathighpictur reacted; “Are you sure this is CNG car? Because the boot of the car would have gone.”

@user9333119079019 said; “The question is what kind of cylinder.”

@amaravictory135 said; “People wey create car and say na fuel he no use no get sense abi.”

@Ayoo said;“I knew this would happen!”

@Emmanuel akinwale said; “I thought as much, the weather will not allow it.”

@Dera commented; “And the car na Toyota. This person must be a very very stingy person.”

@hoyeh said; “That thing is so bad, gas doesn’t want heat and pressure.”

@user2091032306818 said; “This rush for CNG in cars will be justified during the heat season.”

@Oma Clean commented; “Does the fuel car not burn too?”

@Cosmos said: “Please convert it. It’s very useful.”



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