Nigerian man challenges manh00d theft claims, offers N10 million reward to anyone who can steal his John Thomas

A Nigerian man has announced a N10 million challenge to challenge recent reports of alleged manhood theft, asserting that they are baseless claims.

The young man made this announcement via a Facebook post on Monday, October 9, denouncing the sensational stories circulating in the media and suggesting that the purported manhood thefts are nothing more than the handiwork of criminal elements.


The man has taken a strong stance against the notion that people’s manhoods have been stolen.


He argues that no one has come forward with concrete evidence to support such claims and believes that the entire narrative has been fabricated by hoodlums for their nefarious purposes.

According to him, the alleged manhood thefts follow a similar pattern in each case.


Hoodlums carefully select their victims, individuals who they believe may possess valuable items.


One of the gang members is then dispatched to initiate physical contact or provoke a confrontation with the chosen target.


Once the confrontation begins, the instigator of the altercation loudly accuses the unsuspecting victim of stealing his manhood, creating chaos and panic.


In the ensuing commotion, the rest of the criminal gang, who had been lurking nearby, swiftly intervenes, brutally assaulting the innocent victim.

During the fight, they seize the victim’s possessions, leaving the victim physically injured and bereft of valuables.


He contends that these hoodlums use the accusations of stolen manhoods as a diversionary tactic to facilitate their robberies, taking advantage of the ensuing chaos to escape with their ill-gotten gains.


In response to this disturbing trend, the young man has put forth a N10 million challenge, calling upon individuals to come forward with credible evidence substantiating the existence of manhood theft.


In his words;


“Bunch of hoodlums hangs around and picks their victim.

The victim must be someone they believe would have some valuables.

“Then they send one of their own.

“He would walk in the direction of the picked victim and ensure they have body contact or some sort of squabble.

And then this hoodlum would begin to scream that the unsuspecting victim has just stolen his John Thomas.

“Immediately, the rest of the gang who were hitherto hanging around, would rush out and begin to beat up the innocent victim and in that commotion, steal all his valuables.


“And the news would spread that a man was caught after he stole someone’s J.T.”


“So, you have an opportunity to magically steal a big J.T. for your rituals.

“And earn extra 10M “And no one will hold you for any wrongdoings.

“Sweet offer. If it interests you, let me know via the email on my bio.


“Don’t argue. Just take up the offer. Note that if you take up the offer and fail, you go collect flogging eh.”


Netizens Reactions…

@Joel Obi said; “It is real. It has happened to someone very close to me ,…I never believed it before until that particular day it happened to my friend …it wasn’t a small matter. It’s real oooo.”


@Ajayi Samuel said; “KAA, don’t play with that bro, someone very close to me have experience that before, his J.T cannot stand again, after picking money on the floor, it take a week with serious prayer before it was restored. “Science and spirituals are two different things bro.”


@Ugochukwu Samuel said; “This man honestly, I have never believe such story. How dem go steal your J.T you no remove trouser make we see say true true your J.T don comot?


@Abene Happiness said; “Nobody is accepting his own has lost everyone believing was a witness. “Please where are the victims. “People just believe in so many rubbish.”

@Mgbii Antoni Chukwuemeka said; “Oga no be to dey blow big grammar. “Dat E-mail na long process, just send me your location… “The ten million Naira too much, just give me Three million Naira and if your preeq no disappear make I know Wetin cause am.”


@Onyebuchi Kingsley Okezie said; “This one no believe say magic exist, make you just waka come Ijebu igbo make you see wetin pass your eye. God dey and jazz dey.”


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