Nigerian couple welcomes first child after 14 years of childlessness (Photos)

A Nigerian couple is filled with immense happiness as they welcome their first child after 14 years of struggle with childlessness.

On Sunday, July 2, 2023, the friends and family of Prince Godswill, and his wife, Promise, joyfully shared the special announcement on Facebook as they welcome a child.

The young man glorified God for remembering his family with the seed of a child despite the long wait.

“When men has finally written you off ,then and just then will JEHOVA OVERDO, GOD OF ELEVENTH HOUR, THE OBIARA LATE,BIARA N’OGE will step into the ship and command “peace be still”  

“Join me as I gladly welcome my new month blessing. After 14 years of waiting, God blessed us with the greatest gift ever #it’s a baby boooooyyyy.” the couple wrote.

Another relative wrote in another post, “HALLELUJAH!!!HALLELUJAH!!!HALLELUJAH TO JESUS

God has done it again unto my daughter,after 14 years of waiting unto the LORD.

The LORD showed her that her waiting time was never a wasting time.
We welcome a Bouncing Baby Boy into the family of MR/MRS PROMISE PRINCE UCHE.

GOD is a protocol breaker. You are highly welcomed my baby and big mummy loves you #FANS PLEASE WELCOME MY NEW BABY” PHOTOS BELOW