Nigerian couple in UK meet on road; wife on her way home & husband on his way for night work


A heartwarming video of a couple who ran into each other on the road and showed their love and affection from their separate cars has gone viral on TikTok.

The video shows the wife driving home after a long day at work and spotting her husband on the opposite lane, heading to his evening shift.

The couple then slows down their cars and rolls down their windows to greet each other.The couple then slows down their cars and rolls down their windows to greet each other.

The wife smiles and waves at her husband, who responds by sending her a kiss and telling her he loves her.

Many users praised the couple for keeping their romance alive despite their busy schedules and different work hours.

Some users also shared their own stories of meeting their partners on the road or having similar work shifts.

SM compiled some of the reactions below:

Kingteeblez reacted: “Our parents actually giving up alot to cater for us to make sure our future is intact and brighter ,God bless every responsible Dagonham short gits wil parents out there.”

MamaT: “Fear them! Coworker drama.”

Divalicioustonia: “Together during ur off days or una no get off.”

Showman: “The fear of Bills is the beginning of work.” divazee: “Why some marriages crumbles. It is everthing by toke well.”

AyinkeAde: “Uk will humble you.”

Queenkehjee: “Nah soe be for abroad.”

Adeolayetunde848: “May Almighty God crown your effort.”

Ummibadamasi: “Nurse and doctor relationship.”

Prinzebobby: “Hmm abroad life my present situation.”

Enitan: “UK life God please give us strength X to keep going.”

Watch the video below:


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