New Naira Notes: Man loses pregnant wife after disappointment by bank amid scarcity in Kaduna

A pregnant woman in Kasuwan Magani, Kajuru LGA, in Kaduna has passed away because her husband couldn’t pay for her medical bills due to the biting naira scarcity.

The woman was due for delivery but was rejected by the hospital when her husband could not make down payments.

Narrating the ordeal, James Auta, said he went with his wife to the hospital on Monday where the doctor asked him to deposit money before he could examine her.

According to him: “I ran to my bank to withdraw money, but was told no money.

I went back looking for POS operators, but I could not find any because, since the issue of new currency began,

most POS operator locked up their business centre.”

As he could not have access to his money, the couple decided to go back home, trusting God for safe delivery, he said.

Unfortunately, their situation took a turn for the worse.

” My wife began labour around 11 pm. Since I could not withdraw any money, I called the attention of a nurse within our locality.

But as my wife delivered, blood was coming out non-stop.

All efforts by the nurse to stop the bleeding failed,” he recalled.