That baby almost killed me – New mum refuses to touch her child in viral video (Video).

A new mother has gone viral on social media after refusing to touch or carry her new born child.

In a heartbreaking clip spotted on TikTok, a nurse brought the baby to the new mother who sat in a wheelchair.

Upon sighting her child, the woman’s face was filled with sadness as she signalled the nurse to take the child away.

However, the nurse smiled and continued to bring the baby to her. Reacting to this, the new mum quickly turned her face in another direction.

Mixed reactions have trailed the video as some people claimed it was postpartum depression, while others condemned the woman’s action. Social media reactions

@user62110693 said: “But the girl shoving the baby into the new mother doesn’t have sense and is just causing trouble. can’t she see the women is tired and need rest.”

@shakirahbea4 stated: “I did the same thing after delivering the doctors asked whether I wanted to carry him I told them take him to his grandma.”

@libinsow83 stated: “Some women reject their new born some times they just need times to heal everything gonna be alright mama.”

@user57619667832667 reacted: “Babies really does have a way of showing up at the worse time sometimes.”

@jenni547 commented: “Why wouldn’t she want to carry her baby though?”

@ashb626 stated: “Takeaway this thing that almost killed me.” @vileghold added: “The part of childbirth no one talks about.” Watch the video below:


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