My wife and I never k!ssed during 10 years of dating, both of us were v!rgins – Man reveals

A South African marriage therapist and relationship expert, Bakhe Dlamini, has revealed that throughout their 10-year dating period, the man and his wife never engaged in any s€xual activity.

Dlamini announced on Facebook that he and Nokwanda, a community psychologist and social worker, had met in high school back in 2001 and started a relationship as a way to show people that relationships worked without s€x.

According to him, the first time they shared a k!ss was when the priest joined them together in marriage.

He wrote;

“So my wife & I never k!ssed during 10 years of dating. We met at high school, 2001, were prom mates following year, and we didn’t k!ss.

First time I k!ssed her was when the priest said, “You may k!ss the bride”, 10 years later, 2 July 2011. Both of us were v!rgins too.

I had to be clear with her from word go that I respected her body, preferred we don’t even k!ss. I believed in being a gentleman, not rushing a woman.

I also mentioned to her that I prefer we don’t even k!ss because I knew that the moment we k!ssed, we’d fall into the trap of s€x before marriage.

I wanted us to get to marriage pure. We also believed in the biblical principle of “no s€x before marriage”.

So to those dating and believe in no s€x before marriage, it’s possible. Cheers.”