“My wife and I concluded our children will have no phones until university”- Solomon Buchi

Solomon Buchi has once again attracted the public’s attention with his statement about not allowing his children to use phones until they reach the age of 18.

According to Buchi, he and his wife have made a firm decision: their children will not be given unrestricted phone use.


This move is the result of growing worry about the possibly negative consequences of early phone usage on children’s core values.


Buchi feels that many children today are introduced to phones at a young age, which might foster a sense of entitlement and inappropriate conduct.


He goes on to say that the early adoption of cellphones and unlimited internet access has played a big influence in the moral and psychological issues that this generation is facing.


Buchi and his wife, Arike, are creating a one-of-a-kind home environment to address his issues.

A home library to develop a love of reading, a music studio to nurture musical abilities, and a painting studio to foster creativity are all part of their vision.

In his words

The goal is to get their kids involved in activities that don’t revolve around phones or the internet.

Early exposure to phones/internet is one of the reasons our generation is messed up.

My wife and I agreed on no smartphones for our children till they get into university.

They’ll have a home library, home music studio, home painting studio, board games outdoor sports, etc.

Let them get their hands dirty in real life, and learn without the frequent interference of screens.

The home computer will be restricted to screen time. 

More than the moral implications of letting children use phones, the psychological consequences are damning.

The short attention span our generation suffers is because of social media.