“My son disgraced me, he took my br@ to school” – Mum cries out after getting summoned by teachers (VIDEO)


A Nigerian mother, Faith, has tendered a piece of advice to mothers following her experience with her little son.

In a video shared via her official TikTok account, she revealed how her son went to school with her best underwear.

Unaware of the situation, she kept on searching for the brassiere at home but she couldn’t find it and had to step out in another.

Mum gets phone call from son’s school about ‘exhibit’ in his bag

According to Faith, she got a call from her son’s school summoning her to come collect her son’s ‘exhibit’.

When she got there, she discovered that it was the brassiere which she was searching for at home.

He also took a remote to school. While sharing her story, she advised mothers to always check their children’s school bags before they go to school.

In her words:

“I’m just coming back from my son’s school. They called me that I have exhibit and I should come and carry it from my son’s school. 

Please I want to beg all mothers, if your children are going to achieve in the morning, try and open their bags.

“Check what is inside before they go to school. So that what happened to me this morning will not happen to you. 

Yesterday I was looking for my best brassiere but I couldn’t find it and I had to wear another one.

Me I no know say my son put am for school bag with remote. And I no check. 

Them call me for my son school say I get exhibit. Una see wetin my son disgrace me today.”

Reactions as mum shares experience with little son

Netizens stormed the comments section to air their views about the unexpected incident.

@bene.di.cta said: “My baby still do me too na road my mind tell me say make I open her school bag na I see my bra inside her school bag.” 

@veekeybenjamin wrote: “Ur own good. I disgrace myself by myself. I wear rag thinking na leggings go market. As I come down na once people dey use wrapper cover me.”

@sharonjonas02 said: “Can never be me sha. Me wey sabi check wetin I don forget? The highest disgrace na early this year, oga bring out my pant use am entertain visitor.” 

@topnotch_chika reacted: “I thought is only my daughter that is doing this. My daughter will pack even my footwear and teddy’s to school.”

Watch the video below:


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