My mother ruined my life: Nigerian lady exposes her mum tearfully in video

"My mother ruined my life": Nigerian lady exposes her mum tearfully in video

The young lady said that she has been crying since morning after a heated argument with her mother over the trauma she was put through as a child. She said that she was severely beaten as a kid. In her words:

“I have been crying since I woke up this morning.

“I woke up this morning to a very heated argument with my Nigerian mum about the trauma that she and my dad put me through. How they used to beat the s*hit out of me as a kid.

“I am going to the gym because I need to take all of this energy off.”

She was given an adult’s treatment as a kid

She recalled how they (her parents) treated her like an adult despite only being a kid.

“They treated me like an adult when I was a child. I took care of my siblings, bathed and took them to school. “I raised my siblings as of 10 years old.”

The lady who left home at the age of 17 lamented how her younger sister is being given the same treatment she suffered years ago.

“I was trying to talk to her about it today because she did the same similar thing to my sister. I told her that at this rate, this girl will leave the house. You will lose her.” On how her dad treated her, she said:

“My dad would not stop beating me until there was blood on my body. I have forgiven him but I can’t forget.”

Social media reactions

Awurama said: “I’m soo sorry you are going through this, they don’t realize how much hurt and pain they put us through but God is in control you will be fine love.”

Asa Obodo oyibo said: “Same thing with my mum , but now I understand why , she wasn’t loved either , and she can’t give what she doesn’t have, I have also forgiven her.”

Steph said: “Breathe my sister breathe!! It will be alright. You did the right thing telling them how you left.”

user4555079590985 said: “I’m sorry you’re hurting so much. Forgiving them is for you to heal. It doesn’t mean you put yourself in a situation to be hurt again. You’re worthy!”

Fabbie Maurice said: “I hated taking care of my siblings at 12 years like, walking up early like at 4 am to make breakfast, bathe them, make dinner after school.”

Watch the video below:


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#stitch with @tambile_ I’m sorry but I’m not sorry . Take responsibility for your life and your actions and stop blaming your parents.

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Nigerian lady stops dad from attending her wedding

Meanwhile, SM previously reported that a Nigerian lady had stopped her dad from attending her wedding.

According to Mabel, her reason for the decision to bar her father from her big day is that the man had abandoned her for 27 years.

In a text message the father sent to her, he asked to be helped with N5000 to enable him to buy medicine for himself.

Replying to the message, Mabel told him in no uncertain terms that she does not have a biological father.

She was full of anger and resentment that the man wanted to sneak into her life after hearing that she was about to get married.