My mother has right over my wife to use the kitchen – Bitcoin trader says


A Nigerian man has hinted that he will place his mother’s desires above that of his future wife especially when she is in their home.

He said that if his mother visits his matrimonial home when he gets married and insists on being in charge of the kitchen, he expects his wife to respect her.

The Bitcoin trader known as @sparkybwoi on Twitter, also said that the issue of sitting position in his car can easily be resolved if his mother says she wants the front seat.

According to him, since his mum would only be staying for a few days, his wife should understand and respect her choice.

@sparkybwoi wrote; “If my mum visits my matrimonial home and ask my wife to stay off the kitchen and the car front seat till she leaves, my darling wife should understand and respect her choice. After all, it’ll only last for few days.”

Meanwhile, a Twitter user has shared a chilling story about a woman discovering years after marriage that her husband is a spirit.

She said the man died two years before they got married but she did not know and they have three children together.

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