“My mom is the most beautiful woman in the world, after my wife” – Jaymikee

In a heartwarming exchange on social media, popular gospel film editor and actor, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye a.k.a Jaymikee has sparked a whirlwind of positivity when he engaged with his followers in a unique challenge.

The challenge called for his followers to share something they believe in but suspect Joshua would disagree with.

One keen Twitter user identified with the username @samnotpeters took the opportunity to declare that Joshua’s mother, Evang. Gloria Bamiloye is the most beautiful woman in the Mike-Bamiloye’s family.

However, rather than engaging in banter or dismissing the claim, Joshua responded with a touching twist. “I DISAGREE! She’s the most beautiful in the world… after my wife,” Joshua humbly replied, stirring up a wave of emotion and admiration among his followers.

The simple yet heartfelt acknowledgment of his mother’s beauty, coupled with the expression of deep affection for his wife, resonated with many social media users.

This response quickly gained traction, with numerous netizens commending Joshua for his display of love and respect for the important women in his life.