‘My husband was confidently broke when he proposed marriage to me, his only shoe was not even shoe-ing… but he has a vision’ – The Winlos (VIDEO)

Anwinli Ojeikere of the Winlos has revealed the financial status of her husband, Ohis Ojeikere when he proposed marriage to her many years ago.

This was made known during the podcast interview with Joshua Mike-Bamiloye and his wife, Tolulope Mike-Bamiloye on Zion Kulture, a division of Mount Zion Radio. The interview was conducted shortly after the actors’ scenes for Abattoir Season 4 were shot.

Anwinli revealed that it took her almost seven days to answer her husband’s marriage proposal, as she described how they met, how she suspected her husband was up to no good, and how she felt at the time.

She went on to say that she realized the proposal was coming when she observed Ohis becoming kinder and more understanding toward her.

Ohis continued, saying that even though she didn’t adhere to the custom of women wanting their admirers to pursue them for some time before giving in to their requests, his wife phoned him the day after he made his intentions known.

Three days later, she called to let him know that they needed to see and talk about his proposition.

When Tolulope asked Ohis again if he was ready for a “no,” he answered that he had done everything a brother in Christ would do to receive a “yes” and that even though he wasn’t financially secure yet, he was certain and deliberate in his request.

He clarified that the only thing threatening to derail his proposal was his promise to settle down within a year, even though he was still living with his pastor.

Anwinli went on to say that although her husband was self-assuredly impoverished, he was also industrious, sincere, and pragmatic in his religious beliefs. SEE VIDEO BELOW


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