©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

When he returned to Las Vegas, he felt like a stranger in his own church. Austin had done a good job of keeping some of the members in church but some of them had disappeared because Pastor Sunkanmi was not around for 6 months.

He couldn’t stand the atmosphere of Godlessness he felt in the Church. As he stepped on the altar to preach, he started crying instead. Members were surprised and perplexed, not sure of what was wrong with their pastor…

Austin got up to the altar and silently asked Sukki to return to his office, but Sukki stood his ground. He controlled his emotions and spoke…

“ A man can not give what he doesn’t have, and most times a man’s ministry can be defined by his level of exposure and Spiritual depth. I say this with regrets in my hearts that for over 18 years of pastoring you, I have not fed you with the full portion of the gospel. I have only taught you a part of the gospel that I knew. Also, there are lies I have told you, which I didn’t know they were lies until recently. The past six months gave birth to the new and more informed me. The new me that realizes, that God is a righteous God and for those who want to be referred to as “His children” must make deliberate and conscious effort to flee from sin every time.”

The Church was extremely quiet. Sukki preached for one hour on the importance of consecration and sanctification.

The reactions were mixed, some appreciated him, while others insulted him, saying the 6 months he had spent in Africa must have affected his senses.

After two months of trying to change the Church doctrines and teachings without getting the positive result he expected, he felt he still needed more time with God.

He returned back to Nigeria and sat with God under the pastoral Mentorship of Pastor Ayo for two and a half years. Within those two and half years, he grew spiritually in fasting and prayer.

Austin however, could not handle the Church well, so the church in Las Vegas closed down on its own.

After two and a half years of intense spiritual purging, deliverance, Spiritual growth and mentoring, Pastor Ayo ordained him a pastor.

“ So what next?, What do you perceive the Lord is asking you to do, because I know by revelation that you are called to head a church ?” Pastor Ayo had asked Sukki one sunny Friday afternoon.

“Daddy, I saw a revelation before relocating to Las Vegas 18 years ago. I saw a man giving me a map, and he circled a location that started with LA…, I woke up not remembering the other letters. I automatically guessed it was LAS VEGAS, that was why I relocated there..”

“ Ok, then we need to query the revelation and find out what God has in mind for you…” Pastor Ayo had said

After months of prayers, Sunkanmi had the same revelation and the map was given to him again, this time he saw it well spelt out … LAGOS.

Sukki woke up weeping, he woke up regretting how he had wasted 18 years in LAS VEGAS, because of his lack of Spiritual insight and growth. His Spiritual vision was not very clear back then because of his sinful life. He had mistaken LAGOS for LAS VEGAS.

That was the point, he decided to relocate finally to Nigeria. Austin and his family returned to Nigeria to join Sukki… Sukki was not married, so he didn’t have a problem relocating.

“Now do you see the reconciliation journey Sunkanmi took, which was unknown to you, Ola, yet you judged him based on his mistake with you 25 years ago?” FATHER had taken Ola through Sukki’s reconciliation journey…

“And Guess Where He is more righteous than you, He is wailing and weeping for your return.”

Ola saw Sukki praying with Austin in his room…

“Father, please let your Mercy that triumphs over judgement speak over Mrs Ola and Senator Oba’s life in Jesus name…”

Ola couldn’t stop her tears… Sukki was more righteous than she was..,

FATHER looked towards where Oba was and some valiant men brought Oba before HIM. Oba and Ola stood before him shivering…

“Now my judgement to you both….” FATHER was saying to Oba and Ola when a voice kept crying from a distance and running towards them…

©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Mama Aladura had gotten to the hospital and when she saw Ope’s dead body, she started wailing…

“Baba mi( My father) this is not fair, how can you take away my Joy, when I am always making other people joyful… I have laboured in your vineyard, for 18 good years. I have been labouring day and night on the prayer mountain praying for people. People bring their problems and I table it before you in prayers. Father, you never disappointed me, but Why my daughter in law..” Mama Aladura had created a scene in the hospital as she was screaming at the reception…
The same thing was happening in the farmland, it was Mama Aladura’s voice that stopped FATHER from declaring His judgement upon Oba and Ola…
Mama Aladura had held on to father’s feet, weeping because of Ope.

“ Eunice, you caused it, you neglected your farm, helping others plant, water and ensure the growth of their own seeds while leaving yours”

A scenario played out…
Mama Aladura praying for different people,
“ Your son will not become wayward in Jesus name. Madam concerning your son, we will hold 7 vigils to draw his heart back to God.” Mama Aladura was telling a woman

“ Sir, I assure you as the Lord Liveth, your daughter will not marry wrongly” Mama Aladura was telling a man

“ Ma, your son has no option than to fulfil his divine destiny,” Mama Aladura said to another woman…

The scenario dissolved to reveal another scene, of Mama Aladura sitting on the mountain with a list of people’s names in her front…

“ I pray for Mrs Ajewole’s daughter, you shall not be wayward, I pray that your relationship with that fraudster be dissolved”

Mama Aladura prayed on over 25 different names…
As the scenario disappeared before Ola and Oba, they saw Mama Aladura’s farmland… It was split into two, one part of it was very green, while the other half was barren and dry. Surprisingly, Mama Aladura was moving from one person’s farm to the other, helping them water their plants while leaving her own unattended to.

FATHER spoke…

“ She is weeping when it is too late, most times, you humans blame me and others for your misfortune when in the real sense, you caused it. Eunice was doing the work I sent her, which was to be an intercessor… that explains the green part of her land, but she neglected her children’s spiritual growth and needs.

I didn’t ask her to stay on the mountain praying for people, but the monetary rewards she was getting made her stay there… I wanted her to stay at home, take care of her own plants and still intercede for people I lay in her heart, but she made it her business by jumping from one person’s farm to another…

She prayed for other people’s daughters to be happily married, but her own daughters are wrongly married. She prayed for other people’s sons not to turn our wayward, but her son Lucky was the one who pushed Idiopemipo to write and sing terrible songs because she did not nurture him well on her farmland” FATHER said

“If she had been mindful of her own plants, she would have seen this death coming. I never hide things from my servant, a message was sent to her, but she was too preoccupied to decode the meaning of the dream..” FATHER said as he faced Eunice

“ Eunice, Idiopemipo’s farmland has been given to someone else..”

“ Please Father, for the sake of your son Jesus Christ, I know I have erred in different ways, please let Ope live”

“ No, but to be fair to you for the sake of the name of my son you mentioned, I will give her farm to her daughter, the gifts she could not use well, I will give it to her first daughter, so it is your duty to make sure her daughter uses the gift and talent well….” FATHER said with a tone of finality and faced Oba and Ola.

Oba and Ola had silently hoped father would forgive Ope because of her mother in law, but it seemed FATHER’S mind was made up. Father had said Sheryl, Ope’s daughter would take up her music career. Sheryl was 18 years old and was a replica of Ope in looks and character. Sheryl was given her mother’s farm in addition to her own.
Oba and Ola watched as the Valiant men removed the “ VACANT” billboard and replaced it with Sheryl’s name…

Mama Aladura knew it was over, as she left FATHER’S feet.
She snapped out of her few seconds trance and she got the message, She had heard in her Spirit that her daughter in law, Idiopemipo was gone, but her granddaughter Sheryl would take over where her mother had stopped.

Mama Aladura had tears flowing down her face, as she knew that was the end of Idiopemipo’s journey, there was no point shouting and screaming over spilt milk…

Meanwhile, Sukki placed a call to Pastor Ayo…