©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Let’s take a look at Ola’s farm, while you think over what your judgement should be…” FATHER said to Oba as Ola followed after HIM…

Ola’s Land was so large, and thankfully, she didn’t have blood on her land, rather her farm had a lot of rotten fruits. A lot of fruits were overripe and had fallen to the ground thereby causing rottenness.

“Ola, you sowed the seeds of hard work and prayer for fruitfulness on your farm, and you got a bountiful harvest, but you have done what has made your farmland a rotten place…”

Ola looked on, wondering what the rottenness meant, as she had tried to live a good life.

“You amassed wealth for yourself and never gave out. Your crops, your fruits were multiplying, but you didn’t give out… Your reason was simple! You felt you had suffered greatly while growing up and you didn’t want to become poor again. But Kikiolaoluwa, now that you have left the earth, won’t someone else take over your position and enjoy your wealth?

Your land kept producing unending harvest, but you didn’t give out the fruits. Don’t you think I should take this farmland from you and give it to someone worthy, someone who will be able to help some of my other farmers who may not have seeds to sow on their lands?

Kikiolaoluwa, your being blessed was for you to a blessing to others, to my work and my workers, but your case was like that of a nanny who was given food for herself and the children, but ended up starving the children, while eating the food all alone, What do you think should be done to the Nanny…” Father said

Ola knew Father was right, She had attended a lot of finance and money management training seminars, that had made her very disciplined when it came to giving out her money. That discipline was definitely selfishness in disguise.

“All the pains, injuries you went through, Kikiolaoluwa, I permitted you to go through those phases to create in you an understanding of what other less privileged farmers were going through.

Like I told you earlier, injuries are not out of the ordinary for farmers. I permitted the rape injury so you could feel, understand and cater for those who might have been raped, I permitted the pregnancy so that you could feel the pain of teenage single mothers. I was expecting that as you grew financially, you would build homes for the less privileged people, but you were less concerned about them.

Kikiolaoluwa, I permitted you to be dumb for a short while, with the high expectations that when your wealth comes, you will care for the less privileged with disabilities.

I made you and your siblings go through financial hardship and educational hardship, so that when the harvest I had prepared for you and your siblings manifested, you would be able to help the less privilege who had financial issues and educational issues.

Rather, Ola You never helped people despite the compassionate heart I made you have, you have been buying properties, saving your money, and getting the public recognition as the 7th Richest woman in Nigeria, who cannot boast of blessing people.

Your Staff don’t enjoy the privilege of the wealth you have, your church doesn’t, and other workers in my farmland…

Ola, who is worse?

Ola, the orphan who God took from a low position and raised her up to the level of becoming a blessing to nations, but unfortunately, she blessed nobody other than her family and few friends, thereby making her farmland rotten littered with rotten overripe fruits

Sunkanmi who despite having a rough farmland still tried to bless people with the blessings he was blessed with. Sunkanmi had 250 students on scholarship, 80 widows he fed every month, he was a regular giver to the things of God…He did this even when he was ignorantly living in Sin. After his genuine repentance and his once rotten land had been cleared, he stil continued in the act of blessing people…

So, Answer me, who is worse?… Kikiolaoluwa who is more of a sinner?

©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Ola bowed her head in shame, not knowing what to do, it was evident, Sukki was more righteous than she was…

“You humans judge fellow humans by what you can see, but there is much more than what you see,” FATHER said as Ola found herself in front of Sukki’s farm.

The land was barren but there was an ancient tree nearby that had over 100 roots that went into different farmlands. One of the roots had found its way into Sukki’s farm. The root in itself was big…

“This was Sunkanmi’s case when he was born. His farmland already had an ancient root of Sexual Immorality growing on it. His Ancestors had a strong covenant with the marine powers. One of his Forefathers had a mermaid who he entered a covenant with…

FATHER held Ola’s hands and together, they saw a man from a very distant time in the past when men wore leaves as clothes… he sat with a beautiful Lady beside a stream. They spoke in a language Ola had never heard before, but Ola was able to understand the language because she suddenly began to hear the conversation in English…

“How come you have not told me where you are from? We only meet by the stream, and ever since I met you, I notice good things have been happening to me. Whenever we meet by the stream I catch more fishes. It shows me you will be a good wife that will bring me prosperity, should you agree to marry me.”

“You can’t marry me…My kind cannot marry your kind”

“Your kind? What village do you come from”

“I am a mermaid, down here is my home”

“You are joking”

The lady’s feet changed into a mermaid’s tail… The male lover jumped back. His female lover transformed back…

“I knew you were going to run away from me…You never loved me in the first place” the female lover said

The male lover dropped his fishing net and ran very far away from her, only for her to show up ahead of him…

“You don’t love me anymore?’

“Please, let me be, I am no more interested!’

“Never, you can never say that, I have loved you, and you must love me in return, I have made you prosperous.”

The Scenario cleared away immediately and FATHER kept speaking…

“The marine spirit was not ready to let go of him, you know some of the treacherous workers that were sent out of my farmland established thrones for themselves in places, one of those domains is the water, some of them started living in the waters. The female lover was one of the treacherous beings. Like her, the treacherous beings take up the form of humans to get the attention of humans and form covenants with them…

FATHER took Ola to another place, this time around, a man dressed as a herbalist carrying a huge sacrifice is speaking to the mermaid Spirit by her Stream. The male lover had been carried on a bamboo made stretcher, he looked very ill…

“The only way he can be healed is for him to get married to me and throughout his lifetime, he must always come to the stream to make love to me once every 5 days. The day he misses it, the sickness will return. Secondly, his children and generations unborn must also be married to me. It is a covenant that must never be broken…or else this sickness will not depart from him and his generation”
The Mermaid said and when the lover nodded in agreement, she cut the lover’s wrist and licked the blood…

“As long as blood flows in you and that of your lineage, you and your generation are bound to me.” The mermaid said.

Father and Ola returned to Sukki’s land.

“That was the kind of root that Sunkanmi met planted on his farmland before he was given birth to, everyone in his lineage have serious issues with perverseness. Sunkanmi grew up with this innate longing for sex every 5 days, though he was a gift from me to his mother, but the root on his farmland had to be uprooted before he could fulfil the destiny I had for him.

You were meant to be his road to freedom. Through you, I made him get connected to Ayowale. I delayed Ayowale and Banke’s childbearing so they could have time to help Sukki spiritually.

Ayowale had started uprooting out the evil weeds in Sunkanmi’s life, he had not uprooted the big ancient root of sexual perverseness before he ran away from Ayo”…

As FATHER was speaking, Ola stood there watching everything play out, what was happening was just like how the Bible stated that Whatever God said, He saw it. As father kept talking, Ola Saw Sukki’s farmland with a lot of rottenness on it and the big ancient root was still present.

Ola saw Pastor Ayo uprooting out things from Sukki’s land, he was clearing the rottenness from the land, but as he was approaching the big root, Mrs Banke appeared with Ola on the farm. Ola on seeing Sukki started eyeing him maliciously. Ola made Mrs Banke stop her husband from pulling out the big ancient root.”.

The scenario cleared away…

Ola looked at Father and with regrets in her eyes, she placed her hands over her head, as she realized Sukki’s promiscuity was as a result of his ancestral evil bondage that Pastor Ayo should have uprooted from his life before he ran away, he was also a victim like she was… His Ancestors had also raped him of a good life…