©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Sukki had been on the floor for close to an hour wailing and crying, when he suddenly saw a trance. A fruit fell off its tree.

He knew the meaning, Sexy Sasha was gone…

He wept sore, he asked God to have Mercy and keep the other two.

Mama Aladura felt it in her Spirit as she started weeping, she knew her daughter in law was gone…

“God! I have served you tirelessly in praying for people, don’t let people ask me where my God is …” She was weeping and asking the Lord for Mercy as she sat in the Taxi that was taking her to the State Hospital.

Michael had called every pastor he knew, asking them to pray for his wife and pleading that if anyone of them knew Pastor Sunkanmi Emmanuel personally, they should please apologize to him on his wife’s behalf.

What Ope had intended for evil for Sukki, suddenly started turning around in his favour. The internet was bubbling with comments on how “Touch not the anointed and do my Prophet no harm” was practically happening. Sukki’s followers started going into hundreds of thousands in less than an hour.

Ope started receiving negative comments instead, people started bringing out some of her past scandal and stating that she who wasn’t a saint was trying to ascertain if someone else was a saint… With her death announced, her followers started unfollowing her. In two hours, 2 million out of her 8 million followers unfollowed her…

Lucky saw his life crumbling, with the death of Ope, all he had rebelliously built outside of God was going to go down the drain…

Oba’s wife had called her parents who were on their way to the hospital. Oba’s wife kept asking God to please show His kindness to her. All of a sudden, Oba started jerking, the nurses and doctor rushed in trying to stabilize him….

Meanwhile, Oba was shivering in a jerky way, just like he was doing on the hospital bed in his unconscious state, as he walked behind FATHER. Father had told them the next farm they were going to check out was Oba’s Farm…

As they got to the farm, the farm was in three parts, the first part was green, while the second part was dry and barren and the third part was bloody.
“You have done a few good things with the opportunity I gave you. Due to your wife’s influence in your life, you gave to the general upkeep of my servants, you blessed the lives of men who worked in my vineyard, you supported church projects, and you gave towards different forms of evangelism. Your wife recently forced you to support a Gospel movie project, which is that big tree on your land.”

The tree FATHER pointed at was a very big tree, it was a recently planted tree, but it grew speedily and bore a lot of fruits.

Oba’s wife Pelumi, had always been passionate about the things of God. She donated to the things of God, she forced her husband on several occasions to support mission work. Oba knew “The Big tree” FATHER was referring to, which had a lot of fruits growing on it, was a movie project he just recently donated to. His wife had read a book and felt the story would be great as a film. She had spoken to the writer of the story about making the story into a movie. Pelumi had forcefully told Oba to donate 20 million for the production of the movie. The movie had become an evangelical success, as lives had been won through the movie…

“Yes you gave generously from the proceeds of the businesses I had given you, but the Position I gave you, what did you do with it?”

At that point, Oba knew trouble was ahead for him as he kept mute….

“You also joined them to fight Sunkanmi, Really? Oluwasomidoba, very early in life I connected you with Kingmakers who gave you a great footing in politics. I started out with making you, a Local Government Chairman for 8 years, what did you do to the funds of the people?…” FATHER said staring into Oba’s Eyes.

Oba eyes brought out tears as he knew the answer to that question, he had followed the system of politics he had promised God not to follow. He had told God he was going into politics to change the society, and with God’s help, he became Local government Chairman, when he was 30 years old.

After he graduated from School, he had become the Personal Assistant to the National Leader of one of the leading political parties. When the party got into power, the national Leader made sure Oba became one of the Local Government Chairmen. He stood up for Oba declaring that though Oba was young, he was wise.

“You authorized payments for ghost workers, which you had a way of sending the money into your personal account. You promised those in your local government, you would make sure electricity was stable, but for 8 years you did nothing. What about your tenure as a governor. You became a disappointment that no one voted you in for your second tenure. You made a lot of Children drop out of school, as you didn’t encourage the educational sector. You didn’t pay teachers their salaries as at when due, so they started failing in their responsibilities as teachers. It was really disheartening to see that you who people helped to make you pass through school, was the one not caring about the academics of the less privileged populace. You were a BIG failure as a governor.”
FATHER’s voice sounded like many waters…

“You were just adding unto yourself money you didn’t need, and depriving those who really needed it, saving money in foreign accounts, keeping money in empty tanks, keeping money in unoccupied houses, burying money in public cemeteries.” FATHER recounted as Oba and Ola watched Oba’s evil political endeavors playing out before them.

Recently, as a senator, you……

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“Now as a senator, you want to make use of your power of making laws to destroy my son’s farm and my general farmland.” FATHER said in outrage as
Oba wept bitterly

A scenario played out before them and Oba and Ola saw few minutes before their accident. Oba was thinking about Sukki as he was driving and trying to call one of his friends…

“ It’s high time we made a law that will give us the power to set up a “Church leadership vetting committee”. I can bring it up in the House. So that the government will be the one to determine who becomes a pastor or spiritual head of the church in this country. The Pastor’s personal life will be screened, his past and present to know if he can start up a church in Nigeria.” Oba had thought in his heart as they drove towards Sunmibare’s school…

“ Oba, you wanted to instigate the government to make a law that will affect the body of Christ negatively?” FATHER questioned and Oba had no answer whatsoever. His heart cried for Mercy…

“I made you great through people who helped you from their farmland, Jumoke Johnson helped you, KikiOlaluwa helped you, Micheal and the student body helped you but heartbreakingly the best you could do in return was to be stealing the farm produce of people you ought to have helped. You were a thief and a rapist…You dare condemn Sunkanmi for raping your sister, what about you? YOU RAPED THE PEOPLE OF THEIR RIGHTS, their rights to be educated, their right to basic public funds, their rights to life… you made people lose their lives on the bad road you patched instead of repairing….

Another scene in Oba’s Life was playing out in front of the two…

“A&A contractors, you see the government doesn’t have the money to repair those roads, just pour some granite here and there…” Oba said to a contractor who was seated in front of him

“But your Excellency, it will be more economical to fix the roads, as we have been patching these roads every two months…”

“That’s my final word on that, the government doesn’t have money”

“Sir, please I want you to consider the rate of accidents and deaths we have been recording on that road, we need to fix the roads…”

“A&A contractors, people will always die, people will always have accidents, with or without bad roads, but if you are not interested in patching the room, I can call another contractor”…

“No please sir, I am interested”.

The scenario playing in front of them faded out and FATHER continued…

“Instead of using the advantaged farmland I gave you as a politician and leader to sow good crops and give the people a good life, you took their money and wasted their blood.”

Ola and Oba stayed quiet, as the sound of guilt rang loudly in their ears.

“So Oba, what do you think your judgement show be because by stealing public funds you are not any better than the prostitute, armed robber, or the murderer?”

Oba bent his head in tears as he knew FATHER’S judgement had to be that he should depart from His sight and His position be given to someone who was more worthy.

He saw his case for what it was, God had given him a farm, where he could have fed a lot of people, where he could have saved a lot of lives, provided shelter for people, but instead, he stole from people to enrich himself….

However, from a distance, Oba and Ola saw the big tree shaking and bowing on its own accord…Father looked towards the tree and said…

“The souls of those that got saved through the movie you donated towards are pleading on your behalf, but…..”