©️Opeyemi O. Akintunde

. “Brain behind crimes…?What Crimes?”

“I gave you a very big farm, to plant good crops to feed millions of people, but you turned around and started working for one of my old workers who I sent away from my farmland. He was a treacherous, double crossing worker. He wanted to turn all my workers against me…

Like a movie, the trio saw some valiant looking men standing in a circle and discussing in low tones…

“Why must he be in control of all these farmlands, I need your support to become chief, once I can defeat him, I promise to give your multiple portions of farmlands that will be under your control”…the treacherous worker said

“That way we end this authoritative rule of his, you can be our overall leader, while we will still have dominion over different farmlands…” one of the Valiant men replied

“When are we looking at?”Another one said

“Two seasons from now…”

The show ended and father continued speaking…

“Who knows the end of a thing than the manufacturer, he thought he could hide such a plan from me, if only he knew that I have my monitoring eyes all over my farmland…”

A scene played again and unknown to the Valiant men who were discussing, the unseen image of FATHER was with them in their meeting…

“You will face Micheal squarely, if we can get him, we can win the battle” The treacherous worker spoke to one of the valiant looking men…

Father kept speaking to the Trio as HIS VOICE was gradually changing from the fatherly voice he was using to speak to the trio earlier…

“They declared war, and I stood in my farmhouse watching how Micheal and his fellow workers took the treacherous worker and his accomplices down. They were casted out… A creature I made for my Glory turned against me..”

FATHER started raising his voice…
“And you Ope who I created for my praise, I created you for my glory, you decided to team up with the one who betrayed me. You started working for him, by making his agenda popular, you used the farm and tools I gave you to plant his own crops which started killing people…” Father said with his eyes showing fire…

As Father Spoke, the trio started seeing Ope’s musical videos playing on the screen and the effects on people…

A young boy was watching one of Ope’s videos, and right there in his room started masturbating.

A lady who listened to One of Ope’s music, went to her boyfriend’s house. They danced to Ope’s music and thereafter due to the erotic nature of the music, committed sexual immorality. Afterwards she got pregnant.
The trio saw the lady seated thinking about what to do, one of Ope’s video was aired on T.V and the lyrics was…

“ Good riddance to Bad rubbish
I am clearing it
I am cleaning the toxic
You gave me
Don’t want anything yours with me”

“ Yes, I am clearing it out… I am clearing this pregnancy out of me..” the young girl said to herself

As the trio watched, the innocent baby was aborted and his blood dropped on Ope’s farmland.

A young boy was also listening to Ope’s music as he was walking on the road. The title was “CASH OUT”. It was a rap song. It was one of Ope’s best-selling music

The lyrics playing was…

Cash Out, Cash Out
Babe, it’s time to cash out
Cash out, Cash Out
Money doesn’t drop from heaven
And if it does
Only the smartest will get it
Get it”

As the young boy was listening to it, he was in front of a woman’s shop trying to buy something, as he kept singing the song, he hideously took the woman’s purse, and ran. People begin to chase hotly after him, and in few minutes, Jungle justice took its hold.

He was set on fire.

Ola screamed as she saw the effect of her seemingly harmless rap music…

FATHER bent down and touched another blood stain, he brought it up and said…

“This particular blood meant a lot to me, but you gave him poison through your songs”….

FATHER shook his head in pain and you could see that he was pained about whoever that particular blood belonged to….Ope fell to the ground weeping… She never knew her music was causing havoc, she thought was just entertaining people….

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“He listened to all your songs, he was also meant to be a great farmer, but your glamorous lifestyle made him feel, you were getting it right… you became his role model, he didn’t know how you made some of your money, but he wanted to be rich at all cost…Your songs like….”

Ope’s songs played in front of the trio….
*Get Rich or Die tryin
*Poor man be slaving.
*Anything for the pay.

“All your songs influenced him to go into a lot of vices, from armed robbery to assassination to money ritual. In his lifetime, before he died, he had killed 179 people in his bid to make money. You knew him as G-MONEY.”

Ope had her mouth wide Open, she knew G-MONEY, he was one of those who gave her money for her concerts. He was one of her biggest fans….She never knew he got his money through diabolic means, though she always knew he couldn’t have had all that money through legal means.

“Idiopemipo, do you know how many people’s blood are on you?, that you dare speak about Sunkanmi’s farmland?… Sunkanmi’s farmland was as filthy as yours in the past as he was feeding his members with unripe produce as that was the level of farming he knew. The man who trained him in ministry did not give him a complete guide to farming. He taught him what he also knew… Unlike you whose father had taught you well, you had no excuse to plant poisonous crops on your land..”

Ope was the one been spoken too, but Oba and Ola were shivering, FATHER’S wrath was not a good thing, fire exuded out of his body at every of his outburst.

“Sunkanmi didn’t know how best to farm than what he had been taught, he had been taught that there was therefore no more condemnation in Christ Jesus, but they excluded the second part that states that, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.… They didn’t teach Sunkanmi, that the works of the flesh like immorality, drunkenness, Gambling which is a product of Greed, should not be seen in the life of a new farmer…, but recently, Sukanmi came to know the truth and he came begging for Mercy. His once filthy land like yours was swept clean by the blood of the Saviour. Now, his farm which he started growing little crops on, you idiopemipo came and set it on fire with your filthy hands…”

FATHER’S voice roared throughout the farmland, which was followed by heavy silence.

Then HE spoke again…

By this time Ope was weeping profusely, she knew what awaited her… She had used her talent against God and had not reconciled her ways with God before meeting with FATHER.

“You who is so full of sin was the first to cast a big stone, Should I begin to list all these other rottenness lying on your field, some of the things your siblings don’t even know….?”

Ope’s secret sins begins to play in front of the Trio.

Ope committed Adultery with different men, Some were politicians, others Co- celebrities.

“ You slept with different men at will, in your few years of marriage with Lucky, you had a divorce, got married to Bonny, you later divorced Bonny and remarried Lucky..” FATHER said in anger

“Have you forgotten how, out of your negligence, one of the fruits of your farmland got rotten and died…?”

A scene played out, and the trio saw how Ope’s first baby had died spiritually in the hands of her nanny.

When Ope had her first baby for Lucky, they were so caught up with Ope’s music career, she hired a nanny to take of her baby. Little did they know that the nanny was sexually assaulting the baby boy by playing with his genitals.

“ Your first son is a Sex addict because of your negligence…!” Father’s voice roared…

Ope wept sore not knowing that was the source of her son’s promiscuity.

“ You killed your son from childhood, he is just a living dead man”

The trio also saw a new scene playing out….

Ope taking hard drugs to get high before recording her songs or going on stage…

“You who has secret sins, what level of morality do you have to judge my Son Sunkanmi, who has mended his ways with me…?” FATHER said once again with the voice that roared like that of a lion…

“Get thee behind me, you worker of iniquity and let your farm be given to another who is more worthy!” FATHER said in conclusion to Idiopemipo

Some Valiant looking men appeared suddenly at the command of FATHER’S voice and carried Ope away…

Almost immediately, some other valiant men appeared on her farm and started clearing the mess on the land.

It was done in less than a minute, and a big billboard was placed on the land which read “VACANT, NEW FARMER NEEDED”, while the billboard “ OCCUPIED” was removed and broken.

The space at the Top, God had given Idiopemipo was taken from her and Heaven was already looking for who to give her land and tools to….

Oba and Ola wept as they watched their sister taken away from them. This was the point where the closest of friends got separated….

Oba and Ola shivered not knowing how their farm would look like as they heard the Valiant workers shouting…

“ Idiopemipo Jenriayegbe’s farmland is vacant, may someone else take her place, may someone else become her husband’s wife, may someone else who is more worthy become her children’s mother, may someone else be given her talents to bring Glory to the FATHER….”