©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“ Sukki….Sukki…a pastor?” Ola became highly hysterical with tears pouring out of her eyes as she was laughing in amazement at who she was watching….

Sukki was looking good, but Ola couldn’t believe he turned out a pastor… His name was Pastor Sunkanmi Emmanuel… Obviously He had changed his name.

“He is the son of a herbalist, so where did he get the name Emmanuel?, this guy is a scam?” Ola said out loudly…

“ What is wrong? Olami, you know him?” Micheal asked as he saw how wild his wife had become…

“ Yes…. Is this not the useless thing that raped me back then… So now he has become a pastor!”

The entire living room was so quiet if a pin had dropped, it would have sounded like a plane crash….

“ Are you saying this is the Sukki that raped you? Sunmibare’s father?” Oba asked

“ He is not my daughter’s father, he is only a rapist… A rapist, an armed robber…!”

“ Maybe He is changed and now born again…” One of Ola’s Daughters said…

“ Change my foot!, Kikelomo, you don’t speak when adults are talking …”Ola replied angrily

“ If this is true, then I will use everything in my power to fight him?” Oba said…

“ Then to think that he actually lied to both of us on the day you gave birth….He disguised as a pastor to remove the spell of dumbness he put on you… You said his father is a herbalist, right?” Ope said

Ola nodded

“ Then how are we sure, he will not use diabolical powers in his fake church he is about to establish in the country…” Oba said

“ Oba, you must use your political power to fight this guy, let them probe him, find out why he suddenly left Las Vegas to establish a ministry in Nigeria… Are you sure he wasn’t deported..?” Ola said furiously…

Micheal knew his wife was boiling and he needed them to be on their way for Sunmibare’s graduation.

“ Honey, can we discuss this on our way, we are running late….” Micheal said…

Everyone got out of the house, Each family wanted to take their individual cars, but due to what was been discussed , Ola, Oba and Ope took one car, while Micheal drove Another car with some of the children. Ope’s Husband and Oba’s Wife with other children took another car….

In Oba’s Car, Oba had started making calls to some of his friends in Las Vegas, to find out more about Sukki’s church in Las Vegas.

Ope who had over 8 million followers on her social media platform posted a question???

“ This pastor who just came in from Las Vegas to establish a church in Nigeria, Who knows him? Hope Nigeria is not fast becoming a religious dumping ground…? #just saying”

In less than 10 minutes, comments had started pouring in…

“ The guy has a soft spot for fair skinned girls…too randy for a pastor…”

“ He was charged with rape in Las Vegas and he ran to Nigeria for shelter…#shakingmyhead

“ Though very loaded with the word, but some of his doctrines are highly questionable!”

“ He is a big time gambler and he encourages his members to do so….”

“ If Nigeria knows what’s best for her as a country, don’t let him establish his satanic church there”

“ His members’ way of life is worse than an average unbeliever, they feel their sins have been taken care of by the death of Jesus… They drink, smoke, womanizer but yet raise “holy” hands to God on sundays”

Ope was reading out the comments to Oba and Ola…

“ I told you the guy can never be truly saved…” Ola was literally screaming in the car…

“ The guy will not establish his church in this country… I swear… I need to call some of my people…” Oba said confidently

Oba took his phone to call a fellow senator, as he bowed his head, he didn’t know there was a big pothole ahead of him…

In what felt like a dream, the car somersaulted three times and eventually rolled off the road….

“My God!” Micheal screamed as he saw the accident take place ahead of him in the split of a second…..

©️Opeyemi O. Akintunde

Sukki was observing his hourly prayer, but he noticed his phone was on “fire”…His phone had been ringing but he refused picking as he wanted to finish his prayer.

Micheal and the other members of the family had parked their cars. Oba’s car was no where in sight. Ope’s Husband had called the police help line and they had promised to contact the Road safety corps in that axis….

Other travelers who had seen the accident also had stopped as they all went into the bush looking for Oba’s car.

Eventually they saw it after about 5 minutes walk from the road. The trio were literally gone. Micheal couldn’t hold back his tears as he saw his wife in the pool of her own blood…Oba’s wife had stayed back with the children in the car. Ope’s Husband also pulled out his wife. He was emotionally stronger than Micheal. His name was Lucky. The good Nigerians who had stopped to help, assisted in carrying the trio to the main road…

On getting to the main road, the Road safety corps had arrived with an ambulance.. They took over the trio from them and one of the officers quietly told his other officer,

“ I think one of the Ladies is gone!”

“ Shut up!, We can’t conclude that…, Let’s get them to the state hospital first..”

Micheal heard them…

“ Which one of them?” He was weeping like a baby but Lucky kept holding him back…

“ My man, they will be fine, pull yourself together!” Lucky said

“ My wife is my life, Olami is my life… I knew it, I knew something terrible was going to happen, the moment they started talking about that pastor! Oh my God, please don’t let Olami die!” Micheal was weeping uncontrollably like a baby….

Sunmibare was calling her parents, but no one was picking. Today was her day, she was going to be the best graduating student of her set. She wanted to see the smile of pride on her mother’s face when her name would be called. She wanted to specially thank her mother for not aborting her pregnancy.
She decided to call Uncle Lucky.

Lucky saw Sunmibare’s call. He composed himself and went aside to answer her…

“ Hey Sunmi sweetie, how are you?”

“ I am fine Uncle Lucky, Where are you?”

“ We were on our way but there has been a minor accident, and some of us sustained minor injuries. We are trying to get to the nearest hospital. Once we are good, we will join you!”

“ Jesus!“Accident!…Oh my God… Where?”

“ Don’t bother your beautiful self about it, just have a beautiful graduation.”

“ Truthfully, Uncle, Does that mean you all won’t be here?”

“ Sunmi, you will still have other graduation ceremonies, you still have your masters and PhD graduation, and by God’s Grace we all will be there… Not forgetting your wedding…” he joked

“ Ok… but why is Dad and Mum not picking up, is the accident that serious?”

“ Sunmi, I am the closest to my phone… Just have a beautiful graduation… talk to you later…Love you sweetie”

Lucky hung up the phone. He was the kind of person who was always calm in the midst of storms and that was why he loved the work of managing people. That was how he met Ope 23 years ago. He had met her as an aspiring musician. He had pushed her to the top as her manager.

He knew Ope could not die, because she was his moneybank. She was his investment. He had sealed the deal with her by getting married to her 20 years ago and changed her name to Sexy Sasha.They didn’t get their break until 10 years ago after Ola had pumped in money into Ope’s music career.

Now, Ope was a household name that had millions of followers.

“God cannot just delete her like that!” Lucky had reassured himself …

Oba’s wife was shaking and crying. She had been having several nightmares over 4 weeks which she had been telling Oba about. Oba would always wave her aside telling her the dream could never come to pass. Oba’s wife; Pelumi was the daughter of a pastor. She was gifted in dreams. For over four weeks she had been seeing 3 graves side by side.

“ God, please I prayed and fasted, please don’t let this evil dream come to manifestation” Pelumi was saying loudly…

The rest of the children were crying….

Sukki checked his phone after his prayers, it was his right hand man, the man who had started his ministry with him 22 years ago.

“ Hello Austin, What is happening?, What is so urgent?” Sukki said

“ Pastor, what business do you have with Sexy Sasha?”

“ Sexy Sasha?” Sukki asked as his heart race…

Had his secret come out in the open, did Sexy Sasha say anything about what he did to her sister…?

10 years earlier, Sukki had stumbled on Ope’s video. He thought it was Ola, but when he researched her online, he realized she was the twin he had seen at the hospital. He was relieved when he saw that “ Strawberry” was happily married and the girl that was his child was looking good in their family portrait. He decided not to come back into Ola’s life demanding for the child so as not to cause trouble for her, though he didn’t have a child of his own, but Why Austin’s sudden question about knowing Sexy Sasha….?

“ She has ignited an online fire against you, check out her page @ sexysasha_realbae” Austin said…

Sukki logged onto her page and he read her post, but what hit him below the belt was the comments that followed. Some were regrettably true, while some were outrightly false.

“ God, this is not good… these people don’t know things have changed… please let them know, that things have changed…” Sukki said crying… “ This will sabotage what you are about to do with me..”

As he kept reading, new comments started pouring in…,

“ OMG…. Sexy Sasha in ghastly motor accident few minutes after posting a comment about this new pastor… Who is this pastor, hope he is not diabolical.???”

“ Sexy Sasha confirmed dead few minutes after posting comment about Pastor Sunkanmi Emmanuel… Is this a reply from God “ That touch not my anointed” or is this man a Juju pastor??”

Sukki’s hands started shaking nervously… He called Austin to find out the authenticity of the story…

“ God, please don’t fight for me this way…?” Sukki said as he laid on the floor weeping before the Lord….

Ola, Ope and Oba had been placed on life support, but Ope’s heartbeat stopped…

Lucky didn’t want to believe what had happened….He rushed into the room, holding Ope dear to his heart….He knew who he had to call, his estranged mother…

“ Mother, please beg God for me, my wife must not die” Lucky said to his mother…

Mama Aladura was seated on the top of the mountain praying when she saw her son’s call. He had not called her in 8 months.

“What is wrong with her?” Mama Aladura replied her son…

“ She had an accident….”

“ Accident?” Mama Aladura did not believe her daughter in law could die, just like that, God would have shown her….

She ended the call and bent her head ….

“ Baba Mii, What is happening?” Mama Aladura asked God….

And her eyes were opened to see Oba, Ola and Ope on a journey to father’s farmland…..