My Father M0lested Me For Years, Mum Supported Him – Lady Cries Out.

A young lady on Twitter with the handle, @justsotired__ has exposed her father for molesting her throughout her childhood.

She posted pictures of her parents and complained that her mother did nothing to protect her but accused her of trying to break her marriage.

In her words:

“My dad looks so freaking evil yes this is the man that molested me for years. I’m his daughter! That’s his wife (my mum) who excused him and told me “atleast he didn’t force himself on you”.

My parents are evil people and have hurt me badly!”

“The legal system in Nigeria won’t help me cause it’s infiltrated with rapists men in the justice system too! They keep saying I don’t have evidence.

I’ve contacted lots of them to no avail. I know I’d never get justice. So it’s either I get donations to help I and my siblings or Get hefty body guards to go threaten my parents.

Get the house documents and sell one of their properties so I can take care of myself and siblings.

We didn’t freaking ask to be here so going through all this is so hard on me. I can’t live this way no more.”